When neglected dogs become ‘collateral damage’

I will probably be criticised heavily for this post but for what its worth, I have always supported registered breeders, I still do. What I don’t support is the management committees overseeing the organisations that registers the breeders. In my opinion they are there to protect the organisation at any cost, even if it means animals are left to suffer. The priorities of one state organisation, Dogs Victoria, were made clear in a recent advertisement for a Field Officer

Where a member is under pressure from or has problems with the Local Council, the RSPCA, the media or other groups, it shall be the responsibility of the Field Officer to investigate the situation and report to the Management Committee of DOGS Victoria as to

  • How the member can be assisted? (if justified)
  • What advice can be given to the member
  • How to use the media to DV’s advantage and also limit collateral damage from the media

The position description does mention the words ‘animal welfare’, once. It goes on to state

“Where a member is accused of cruelty, neglect or other improper conduct, to attend at the scene and, where justified,  to protect the interests of the dogs concerned and the member”.

If your focus is on limiting collateral damage from the media then your focus is wrong.

In my opinion the ‘interests of the dogs concerned ‘ is rarely addressed, whilst ‘the member’ is always protected and as above the ‘collateral damage’ is limited.

IMG_8302 copy 212 months ago I received a tip off about a registered breeder in Curdievale. It sounded terrible so I agreed to head down there with a team to investigate. What we found was typical of any puppy factory set up, far from what you would expect from a registered Dogs Victoria breeder. Little dogs living in small filthy pens, no warm bedding, raised beds rendered useless as they were full of holes, faeces and urine soaked flooring, mouldy food and filthy water. One large breed dog looked to be in terrible discomfort, constantly rubbing the side of its head along the wire of its small pen. I am not a vet, but in my opinion this dog was suffering from painful perforated ear drums, something I have witnessed many times before. A yellowish discharge had been oozing from the dogs ears for quite some time and had formed solid clumps dripping down the dogs neck. All of what we witnessed was vastly different from the breeders own description “…love to run free in their large runs..” and “They also love to sit by the fire at night and watch TV with us”

A complaint was lodged immediately with RSPCA, Local Council and Dogs Victoria, photographs of the conditions were supplied. RSPCA conferred with Council as they could not get there immediately, a constant problem with only 17 inspectors for the entire state of Victoria. A few days later I was advised that the dog with the infected ears had disappeared and that RSPCA were attempting to locate it. Not really the actions you would expect from a registered breeder.

7 months later I received a phone call from Dogs Victoria asking for ‘more information’, apparently it was my word against the breeders. I asked about the dog with the infected ears and was told “its been put down it was old”. Yes, I have regrets…..

Its now 12 months and I am not confident anything has changed, Dogs Victoria and Council ignore all email requests for an update. Of course the breeder could of been de-registered, which I’m sure is comfort to the dogs to know they may not be Dogs Victoria dogs as they circle the putrid pens. The breeder is still listed as a ‘club breeder’ with the Chihuahua Club of Victoria. The breeders daughter, also a registered breeder, lives nearby and continues to exhibit her dogs at many dogs shows around the state, regularly posting photos of winning dogs with their ribbons and trophies. Presumably its all a bit too hard to ensure the dogs down the road at mums place get thrown a warm blanket, a bed without holes or at least have their pen cleaned daily. But then again when we scanned the dogs on the property we found that many of the dogs belonged to the daughter. I guess if the dogs are no longer winning those blue ribbons they are dumped at mums…

This type of neglect will continue to happen until Dogs Victoria management shift their focus from ‘limiting collateral damage’ and start acting as their website describes,  “we act with integrity at all times” . Its what the public except, its what the breeders doing the right thing expect and its what these dogs deserve.

After all its the dogs that are paying their wages.

I wonder if I will get a call from the field officer in an attempt to ‘limit collateral damage’ ……..


The breeders description of the dogs living conditions













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18 Responses to “When neglected dogs become ‘collateral damage’”

  1. 1 Melissa

    This is disgusting cruelty, why arent Dogs Victoria active in this area ? So many people have lodged complaints with them and they never ever take action!

  2. 2 Sally

    Thanks for sharing Deb. You would think adequate bedding and an enriching environment and life is the least these people could do for their dogs whom give them all they have.

  3. 3 Wendy Viccars

    Thanks Debra, this is so f###kin disturbing, mongrels

  4. 4 laura

    Disgusting behaviour. These breeders need to be prosecuted and banned from owning any animal. I wish I could shut down all these so called breeders. I know of a couple more that also have excessive amounts of breeding dogs for profit and it makes me sick

  5. 5 Rosemarie

    That is just dreadful. For a start the advertisement for the employees is asking them to act without integrity and in the interests of Dogs Victoria. Is is a government body or not. Have you checked its charter?

  6. 6 sharon

    This is disspicable STOP THIS NOW

  7. 7 Lyn Murray

    Collateral damage that sounds about right, this looks like a war zone and the dogs living in it are definitely the collateral damage, these disgusting money making breeders have no love or respect for the dogs in their care. What kind of a slack,complacent Govt allows this to keep on happening.

  8. 8 Susie manouguian

    This is disspicable STOP THIS NOW..
    You have no right.
    Stop this cruelty

  9. 9 Elizabeth Martin

    Please help these beautiful dogs look into your heart see the sadness in there eyes. The people involved in puppy factories are cruel and must be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted to the highest degree.Dogs Victoria please take action now.

  10. 10 Christine Jones

    Lyn White of Animals Australia said that when money and animals are mixed together, it turns people into monsters. It seems like whenever a profit is to be made (racing, breeding, circuses, rodeos, etc), the animals always come off second best.

  11. 11 Mary Gurmin

    Please please have a heart and stop this cruelty.

  12. 12 Jill Fellows

    My mother was a dog breeder many years ago in the UK. She was actually the secretary of the breeders club. One thing she always said was ” If you look after your bitch and the puppies properly, with the right food, living accommodation,and medical care, there is NO money to be made from breeding”. She breed for the love of it, and had Champions. This cruel and inhumane business must be stopped.

  13. 13 Sally Loftus

    Horrific Pics.
    These Breeders need to be arrested.

  14. 14 Monika wolf

    It’s not just the breeder who should be shamed… Everyone who is involved with this kind of cruelty
    The vet… The council… The organisation who pretends to be an animal advocater but is an advocater for its members…
    You go to jail if harming a child who depends on you
    But it is legal to harm an animal who depends on you….
    It must give these sick people an immense feel of power to have the control over beings who can’t fight back…. People without compassion… Emphacy… Equals psychopath!!!! Dangerous to let them live in a community!!! I wonder…if they can do this to animals…

  15. 15 Annelies Craig

    If you love your dogs why the need to breed…just a money making venue with the dogs being the biggest sufferers…exploitation at its finest.

  16. 16 Rose Barber

    Breeding dogs for greed and profit is not an animal lover ! Many suffer in squalor because the money is not utilised into a better environment or welfare for the dogs.
    Too many are in pounds on death row, too many are neglected in homes where the puppy phase has worn off. Too many are surrendered. We don’t need breeders, we need more Rescues for the souls that are already here, not the future pups not born yet!!
    EVERY dog deserves love and care good food and good health. Our laws lack appropriate punishment for offenders and ample justice for the voiceless. Breeders should be stopped!!

  17. 17 Ranger JM & Thyrza M MAY

    Good to see you writing up this disgusting mis-treatment & vile activity, but sad to see it is necessary.
    How can we lobby the idiots at Animals Victoria?
    I do not think ‘registered breeders are much above these ugly-minded Homo saps, as they still treat animals as profits & ‘get rid of’ [ghastly term] un-productive animals.
    This is the brutal face of non-humanitarian humans.

  18. 18 Donna and Zimmy

    Good on you Deb!..Keep up the fight and exposing all!..You are mine and Zimmy girls hero!..Shame Dogs Victoria!

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