Neglected dogs don’t rate a mention

Yesterday I came out of a three-year hiatus from writing to share my concerns over the direction Dogs Victoria seems to be taking regarding the protection of paying members over the welfare of the animals. Thanks to all the registered breeders who came out in support.

In my opinion it is absolutely essential that the balance of members interests versus animal welfare needs to be heavily weighted towards welfare, otherwise what exactly is it that Dogs Victoria stand for? And with approximately $800,000 annually being made in litter registrations and title certificates, I think these dogs bring in more than enough money for Dogs Victoria to at least be concerned for their welfare.

My article gave examples from our own investigations and included photographs I took myself during these investigations.

My concerns were that it was seemingly taking an eternity for welfare concerns to be addressed with emails appearing to be ignored for approximately a year on some issues I have raised.

After seeing an advertisement for a Field Officer position being advertised by Dogs Victoria I decided to vent my frustration. The advertisement featured a two-page job description that mentioned animal welfare once. The entire role seemed to be based on protecting Dogs Victoria’s image and the paying member from any negative exposure or “Collateral Damage” as it was inappropriately referred to.

As it turned out I didn’t need to wait long for confirmation of my concerns from Dogs Victoria.

Within a few hours of my article being published a staff member of Dogs Victoria was on the Oscar’s Law Facebook page and on the case.

So you would be expecting that this person from Dogs Victoria would have been concerned for the dogs involved, their living conditions, their alleged mistreatment, and the overall welfare of the animals. Perhaps you might also expect that there would have been some concern regarding the amount of time it had taken to investigate these complaints and a promise to escalate the matter and see it looked into immediately.

Your expectations would be in vain.

KestrelInstead the staff member launched into full “collateral damage protection” mode, claiming that my article may be defamatory in nature.

Despite the article stating that I had taken the photo’s involved on the site, the Dogs Victoria staff member then proceeded  to claim that the photos may have been digitally altered, set up or taken somewhere else. … limiting collateral damage….

Dog’s Victoria’s customer service officer then went on to talk about bias and getting all of the facts and even referred to me and others as “keyboard warriors”.

kestrel 1Again no mention of the animal’s welfare.

I agree with Kestrel in regards to getting all of the facts, which is exactly why I used my own photographs and only discussed what I had personally investigated without being behind that keyboard Kestrel seems to arm herself with.

Some facts that perhaps Kestrel should have mentioned when she was online attacking my work and labelling me biased and one sided, would have been, her bias as an employee of Dogs Victoria.

At least now I know how to go about getting a response out of Dogs Victoria.

It’s no wonder I was so concerned.

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12 Responses to “Neglected dogs don’t rate a mention”

  1. 1 Sally

    The photos are horrific. How anyone can see past the suffering of these animals and place their own interests first is beyond me. What in injustice to the dogs and a disservice to the members of Dogs Vic. What is the registration for if not to promote responsible, ethical breeders?

  2. 2 Lesley Alexander

    All these places should be closed down

  3. 3 Janette

    You have to wonder when those involved just go on the defensive rather than respond to the facts. Shame on Dogs Victoria

  4. 4 Deborah

    Dear little souls … Good to know some folk are on their side, when Dogs Victoria has lost the plot. Little cuties are welcome fosters here. Not good enough 🙁

  5. 5 Lisa

    Well I wont be renewing my membership with them again because they support this crap! Dogs Victoria should be ashamed of itself with a response like that!

  6. 6 Cherie Williams

    Thank you Deb Tranter
    I’m disgusted by DOGS VIC bullying and also their abhorrent lack of concern. When so many of the public what change they are enabling this practice to continue. Where are their ethics in that and humanity. It’s all about the mighty $$$ not animal welfare

    Thank you for sharing what can we do as the public

  7. 7 Jacquie Booth

    Sounds like Dogs Victoria should be investigated! Their response to this investigation is totally inappropriate!

  8. 8 Marion Stapleton

    You only have to look in the VCA gazzette every month to see how many litters are bred by one kennel there are quite a few.VCA dont care as long as the money keeps coming in. Their main concern is dog showing not the welfare.

  9. 9 Sarah Avery

    This is such an old story with these abusers of animal welfare rights. Completely change the emphasis away from the simple fact that people are abusing animals, be they companion animals or farm animals, by saying what bad people animals activists are because they try and do something about it. You wonder what these companies think of people and whether we rate any higher than our animals in the grand scheme of money grabbing greed.

  10. 10 Maureen

    I think the reason why many registered don’t report when they see other registered breeders doing the wrong thing is that dogs vic charge $250 just to register complaint. I reported someone several years ago to dogs NSW for selling under age pups to a pet shop in Sydney I had a witness to back it up that had proof. It was supposed to be confidential so dogs NSW told me and all the did was call the pet shop and ask if they were buying underage pups. Gave my name and of course the pet shop owner denied it and unless I gave an apology in writing they would sue me. So I feel it a total waste of time reporting anyone as they do nothing it’s all about the money.

  11. 11 Rheu Brown

    DV you really need to clean up your act. You’re supposed to protect the welfare of the animals but you’re too concerned about yourselves. You’re probably a bunch of backyard cruel breeders and know that one day you will all he exposed too.

  12. 12 Sue Nicholls

    Dear Debra

    You are a hero for animals. Thankyou for speaking out. If the watchers don’t do their job properly the public needsto know. Animal welfare is the no. 1 issue with breeding. It is a no brainer. People can make huge money from these animals. Money animals=corruption

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