Banksia Park Puppies

Due to your letters to Council and some seriously bad media ACA Puppy Farm have decided to change their name. Banksia Park Puppies is the lovely new name they have chosen. Same shit, different name.

In Australia we spend approximately 2 million dollars a year to kill unwanted pets. That’s the RSPCA stats so it is probably a lot more when you consider all the pounds and shelters. ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm confine 400 dogs which are kept continually pregnant to supply the pet shop industry. The supply their own pet shop in Wantirna, Victoria and about 12 other pet shops around Australia.

As if that wasn’t bad enough Banksia Park Puppy Farm are now installing electric wires around the inside of the dogs pens.

Why ? Basically because they can! The Wellington Shire Council simply don’t care, don’t bother to carry out routine inspections, have never enforced the mandatory code of practice so what have ACA/Banksia Park puppy farm got to be afraid of. They can do what ever they want to these dogs without any fear that anyone in authority will make them accountable. They even kill their own dogs when they can no longer produce puppies. In a recent interview ACA/Banksia Park Puppies claim to breed 2,500 puppies a year and make an extraordinary claim that not one of their puppies have ever ended up in a pound! Apparently they have done the “research” and claim “we at Banksia Park are very very confident that we don’t contribute to the amount of pups that end up in pounds”. They go on to state that a good keen stud dog can produce thousands of puppies in his lifetime” and they have “400 puppies” on their farm at any one time, this does not include the 400 breeding females, 800 dogs! ACA/Banksia Park Puppies are breeding thousands of puppies a year and they are trying to tell us they don’t contribute to the oversupply problem? Of course they failed to mention that they kill their breeding females when their litters start to get smaller and they are no longer profitable to them. The breeding female dogs have 8-10 years of hell, confinement, constant pregnancy and then they are killed. They are breeding pets from primary producers, they are not companion animals and Colin Hamms does not love or look after his dogs.

So do the RSPCA care? Will they help the dogs on ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm? Here’s their response when we reported the electric fencing inside the dog pens and asked them to do an immediate inspection.

“The electric fencing is not an offence under POCTAA….Farmers use electric fencing all the time to control stock” Greg Boland RSPCA Victoria

Who’s looking after the dogs ?

Please write to Wellington Shire Council and ask them at the very least to inspect ALL OF ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm and remove the electric wires from the dogs pens immediately.

Write to Minister of Agriculture Joe Helper and tell him NO ONE IS REGULATING THE PET INDUSTRY and it’s time to abolish puppy farming.

28 Responses to “Banksia Park Puppies”

  1. 1 Lyn

    What a disgrace this place is, I cannot believe it is still allowed to operate. Shame on Wellington Councilors.

  2. 2 Concerned Citizen

    I just performed a google search on ACA and am appalled to find a large listing. Dogs are even advertised in the trading post!!

    Not to forget that there is an actual shopfront that states ACA Breeders Kennels. Thank goodness we don’t see that in NSW at least!!

  3. 3 Lisa J Ryan

    Gippsland will be known to the world as the Puppy Farm Capital of Victoria. What a disgrace for the residents of Wellington and Baw Baw shires that their elected council representatives allow such cruelty, indeed turn their backs on such cruelty. I have again emailed both councils and state government and I encourage others to do the same as often as is required and for as long as it takes to have these hellholes shut down and abolished.

  4. 4 Jane

    Below is the letter (refer to April archive on this site) the Wellington Shire mayor wrote to councillors obviously in response to a complaint regarding the Shires lack of regard for animal welfare and prolific puppy farming :

    To:,, , , , , ,

    Hi all,

    Yes this is another rant by the PETA inspired group about stopping
    farming in general and in this case dog breeding – doesn’t seem to
    bother them that Fido has been locked in a small apartment in Hawthorn but rather that he was bred in the first place! We have been listed in several online journals urging people to “write to the Council” – it used to be “write to the Mayor” but I have been ignoring them (they started in my last term) – and therefore you might get more of these.
    Often these come from overseas, none of them generally have any
    understanding of the issue but have been “inspired” by some photographs of sad looking pooches and an emotive article.

    There are some issues with the ACA dog breeders and with dog breeding through the Shire in general (I can elaborate if you wish but has to do with breeders moving to a code of practice) however I have had several meetings with local laws (Gray Jago) and believe they have it under control and will continue to monitor the situation – the local RSPCA officer also agrees with our position. If you wish you can pass on the e-mails to Gary as he has a standard response he is sending on – this does occasionally lead to an ongoing dialogue about “how could you…..”. Should you feel inclined to write to them, remember if we close down ACA (or others) we would have to destroy the dogs… mmmm doesn’t sound all that humane to me.


    Cr. Darren McCubbin
    0488 423 344 0488 423 344
    03 51 497021 03 51 497021

  5. 5 debra

    To Concerned Citizen,
    ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm supply pet shops all around Australia including NSW. It pays some times to act dumb and chat to naive staff in pet shops, amazing what you can find out 🙂

  6. 6 William

    I am sickened, truly horrified. What disgusting people could treat any animal like this. They need to be stopped, they are clueless to the damage they are causing.

  7. 7 Samantha

    I work in a pound and its my job to kill animals that are not reclaimed. Tax payers pay my wage. I hate my job but cannot quit as I need to be there to ensure these dogs have a “good death” I need to be there to calm them and hold them. They know whats coming and they are scared. This is what society has asked me to do. This is what people like Colin Hamms KNOWS I DO.
    If it wasn’t for people like Colin Hamms we could start to save these dogs on death row instead we kill them so Colin can make a profit.
    Puppy farms such as ACA/Banksia Park Puppies are contributing to the needless death of thousands of healthy beautiful dogs.

  8. 8 debra

    Thanks Samantha I have invited Colin Hamms to spend a day with me in a pound watching dogs being killed and talking to people who kill dogs for a living. So far he hasn’t taken me up on my offer. I don’t suppose he will as he simply doesn’t care, he kills his own dogs when he is finished with them!

  9. 9 Xavier Mathews

    This is sick and I cannot believe the RSPCA wont act. Whats wrong with them???

  10. 10 Marion ten Brinke

    What can we do to stop these terrible actions? Has anyone a suggestion! We live in a civilised world, how is this possible? I thought Australia was good for animals.

  11. 11 Alex Lake

    Once again, the RSPCA fail to show any concern for creatures, whether great or small, in need. God I feel like punching their thick heads in.

  12. 12 Denise Dalton

    The RSPCA are piss weak empire builders, that is what’s wrong with them. They are totally useless.

    I would like to see humane societies like they have in New York, U.S.A. They have the same powers as the police force. They have the power to arrest people for obvious animal cruelty, and they carry handcuffs, pistols etcl on their belts. They try to be nice and get the animal owner to do the right thing first, then if they have to come back and nothing has been done, they take the dogs away and arrest the person who is in charge of them.

    It simply has to stop, is the council getting a kickback from the breeder? Why else would they allow this disgusting cruelty to go on?

  13. 13 heike

    Denise you are so right, here in the US, we have animal police given the same powers as the regular police, to arrest animal abusers and bring them before the courts. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s the right step in the right direction!!

  14. 14 Tara Devenish

    Colin Hamms, The Wellington Shire Council and the RSPCA should all be very very ashamed of themselves.

  15. 15 Jacquleine Millar

    Email sent to Colin Hamms.

    Do not delete this before you have had a chance to read it. Don’t be a coward, read it.

    How dare you place electric wiring around the inside of you dog cells, what kind of a mind do you have to even think of such a cruel device and then to go ahead with it? Wake up to yourself and stop your obsession with making money at the cost of the suffering of sentient beings, that feel as much as you would if you were electrocuted, would you not writhe in pain?? Yet you are doing this to an animal that can’t speak up for themselves. My conclusion is that yes you are a sadistic coward that has no right owning an animal let alone breeding them.


  16. 16 Jane

    Puppy farmers Colin Hamms and Beverley Manners treat dogs as disposable items.

    That is the only way they can breed the thousands of puppies each year knowing full well each puppy they breed not only takes the home of a dog on death row but has a high chance of being abandoned itself.


  17. 17 Denise Dalton

    This is absolutely dreadful. We must get together and work to stop all these practices and get the government to legislate against puppy farms and pet shops that sell puppies.

    This has been going on for years and years and yet the government stands by and does nothing.

    In my opinion, the RSPCA is totally useless.

  18. 18 Lisa J Ryan

    If as a concerted and consitent voice for the dogs we all continue to protest in writing (via email) to Baw Baw Shire Council, Wellington Shire Council, and State Governement, surely we should also be protesting to the actual perpetrators of this cruelty – the puppy farmers themselves.

    Can we have the email addresses for Colin Hamms and Beverly Manners made available to us all so they we can all voice our message loud and clear.

  19. 19 Melissa

    I can’t believe the amount of disrespect in that email from the Mayor! How can we change the mind of Council when he’s telling them to ignore us? Man has no brain or heart. How frustrating…

  20. 20 heike

    It’s a sad day for Australia, who has been a forefront for animal rights in many arenas!! Puppy farming is the most horrible of all animal abuses. To make a living off the backs of innocent dogs is mind boggling at best. To keep them in cold, dark, dreary pens is just reprehensible and no civilized person would condone this activity. Debra my heart goes out to you, for you are fighting a hard battle with no end in sight. This isn’t a legitmate business, it’s cruelty plain and simple and shame on the authorities who can not and will not see that!!

  21. 21 A Dog's Life

    I have said it before and shall now repeat myself,all councils are corrupt both here in the UK and Australia. I truly believe that gratuitous payments are made by the puppy farmers/pet shops to council members.

    We are also concerned which vets pass these horrendous breeding establishments, in the UK the City of London Vets are immune to the calls for closure of the pet shops in Sutton & Kingston-on-Thames owned by a ruthless conniving b******, County Durham, hides behind the Data Protection Act by refusing our request for a list of complaints against another puppy breeder, Vale of Glamorgan sends out false matierial on our request under the Freedom of Information Act, Kent council lost our first email and made us wait a further three weeks before replying to our request.
    Carmarthen council believes that breeding bitches prefer to whelp on cold concrete.

    So no, the UK is no better- on the other hand Australia has larger breeding stations and are allowed many more breeding bitches.

    Breeding dogs is a very lucrative “hobby” and one which is very difficult to control. Until the pet shops cease to exist, puppy farming will continue to operate.

    Moreen Davie

  22. 22 Tenelle Rosser

    I live in Adelaide and I am so disgusted with the puppy mills in Australia.

    If only they could be locked up and left to live in their own shit.

    The Council would be getting so much money from that farm they won’t shut it down.

    We can only stop it by educating ppl about where the cute puppy comes from. Then it will stop the bastards income and they will be finished.

  23. 23 Jason

    Hi Debra,

    I came across your web site and read it with great interest. I can’t tell you how profoundly sad I am to learn about this vile and cruel industry and more importantly Banskia Puppy Farm actually exist.
    I love all animals, especially dogs and have always been suspicious of pet shop puppies and was horrified to learn that puppy farms like this can legally operate without fear of prosecution. To be honest I feel sick. What is more unbelievable is that the government actually allows this practice to continue.
    After reading about Banksia it restores my faith in the human race that people like you do exist. I admire your work and thank you for it. Without people like you the scum at Banskia who are not fit for the human race would be able to carry on un-noticed.
    If they have another open day please do publish it on your site I will be keeping an eye on it as I want to see this for myself.

    You are a star.

  24. 24 Bea

    Yep, you are stars, thanks for all you do for animals.
    I am disgusted at the cold response from the mayor. He obviously has no heart for those sentient beings in their matted coats. I can tell you this takes years to develop, that is so cruel! How can they all look away?. We should shame them and write again to TV, Kerri and so on. We must expose them in their neighborhood to all citizen. Print it out and hang it into the trees with staples, Let their neighborhood know what is going on behind the fences!!! It is the only way. And don’t forget to print the Mayors letter too, show his voters how much he cares for profits/taxes only!! I wonder if he would voted in again?

  25. 25 Lynn

    Maybe media coverage educating the public about these puppy farms and advising not to purchase from pet shops etc. Also I feel that the Kennel Control Bodies like Dogs Victoria should not allow membersip to breeders who are obviously running a puppy farm and not exhibiting their dogs. These members are using their memberhips so that they can sell puppies with papers and get more money. Tighter controls limiting the amount of litters a registered breeder can breed in one year. If these puppy farms made no sales then they would cease to operate. If the authorities are too damn weak to do anything about it then lets pass the word via newspapers, media etc because I am sure if the public knew of these disgusting puppy farms they wouldn’t purchase from them. The public need to be educated to purchase from a reputable registered breeder or adopt from an animal shelter.

  26. 26 Sarah

    I am ashamed to say but I got my beautiful puppy from a pet shop in Tasmania. Looking at her birth certificate I googled the address of where she came from. Turns out she came from Banksia Park Pets. I am so appauled and after reading this it’s heart breaking to know she came from such a horrible place. I feel so guilty. Like Lynn says there needs to be more coverage and public education on the matter.

  27. 27 Peter Jarvis

    Doesnt happen in NSW?? Back in the NINTIES I believe one BREEDER had 150 entries in Sydney RAS! Not a puppy farmer? Most are small breeds!!

  28. 28 stephanie

    150 dog entries? that must have cost a fortune. selling puppies I spose that would have paid for it. that is disgusting most in the dog world (ANKC reg breeders) turn a blind eye to such things when we should all be speaking out. there are puppy farmers amongst the registered dog community too. Breeders who just breed for money not a purpose at all. these people disgust me its not about the dogs or animals its about the almighty dollar. They try and pretend they are a humble little hobby breeders but actions speaks louder than words. Just because you are registered doesn’t mean you are superior!

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