The Jokes on you ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm

While I relaxed, slept in and enjoyed a day out, ACA/Banksia Park Puppy farm had its open/closed day Sunday 15th November. For 3 days running the local Sale rag advertised the open/closed day.

The Hamms were quoted numerous times throughout the 3 day PR campaign in the local Sale rag stating I was invited as they had “nothing to hide”. They stated that their 300 breeding dogs plus litters would be on “display”.


I WAS NOT INVITED ONTO THE PROPERTY. Once the Hamms found out I had accepted their public invitation to their open day, an 11th hour panic campaign commenced. I received 3 legal letters plus phone calls from the Hamms solicitor warning me that not only was I not allowed to attend but we could not encourage anyone else to attend. Obviously the Hamms were expecting us to refuse their invitation and they panicked when we gladly accepted the invite. Yes they have a lot to hide. The day after the legal letters were sent to me they were again quoted in the local Sale rag stating I was invited “we’d much rather them come on the open day rather than at two in the morning. We’re not afraid for people to come here, we have nothing to hide”. Oh yes you do!



The Hamms were quoted as saying “the role of the open day will serve to display the health and quality of their 300 breeding dogs and litters”

Only 20% of the property was open to the public, most area’s were closed to the public and were roped off so as not to permit entry. Most of the breeding dogs were hidden from public viewing. Of course only the cute fluffy puppies were on display along with their suffering mother’s. The dogs in the electrified pens of course were hidden. However the Hamms did not count on the public being so educated on the issue of puppy farms. Many of those who did attend phoned or emailed me with their reports and they were scathing of the set up and the living conditions for the dogs.

When questions got to heavy for Colin Hamms kids (allegedly Colin was dodging the hard questions leaving his kids to do the talking and later his new PR guru, Malcolm) the PR Manager started telling the crowd that I was in contempt of court for “sending you people”. Yeah prove it Malcolm 🙂

The phone is still ringing and the emails are still coming in as I type this but here’s a sample of the feedback so far from the public who attended on the day.

Melissa “I was shocked at the cramped tin shed they call the “nursery”. One dog caught my eye, her teats were dragging on the ground, it was heartbreaking”.


DSC02074Dave “The dogs outside the nursery were on sand and only had a tin kennel, I can’t imagine how hot those dogs will get when we hit the middle of summer. I know whats its like to walk on hot sand with no shoes on. I thought the code stated they had to be provided with shade and have a certain area of their enclosure concreted?, what I saw was sickening, we had to get out of there as my girlfriend was getting upset.”


Gael “I specifically asked 3 different people if I could see the back of the property, they said I couldn’t I asked why it was roped off, they couldn’t give me an answer. The staff were unsure of what to say and appeared nervous when I started asking questions. It was disgusting place and the dogs in that nursery broke my heart, what a way to live, what a way to make a living, they make me sick”


Michelle “They wouldn’t let us see anything except the nursery, most of the people around me were horrified, some people started asking questions and making a scene and we were ushered out of the shed. I heard one lady ask if the dogs had names and the girl said no, then another staff member stated they did but couldn’t name them. None of the pens had dogs names on them”



Graeme (ex puppy farmer) “I witnessed stacks of errors to the regulations, I didn’t see one clean water bowl, besides that the water bowls are not of the design stated in the code, they have to be non-spillable. The size of most of the pens was not conforming to the code. The hot sand the dogs live on is a real issue and I think the RSPCA would have grounds to do something under the Act there. I don’t know how they are getting away with this, Council must be getting a kickback somewhere along the line. I did some quick calculations and I reckon they would be bringing in $500,000 a year, for that amount of money those dogs should be living in luxury, I’m just glad I got out of the business”



The DeBono Family “I wanted to take my kids there to teach them why I refuse to buy a puppy from a pet shop. I had no idea what to expect however was saddened by what we did see. A huge tin shed packed with nursing mother dogs, and their little puppies. I explained to my children that if we did buy a puppy from a shop this is where the money would go. My daughter and I were in tears as we left. This place was pure evil, The staff appeared very unsure of them selves, they couldn’t even tell us the dogs names. It was truly heartbreaking. The only positive of the day is I have taught my children a valuable lesson”


Julie “I had a staff member follow me everywhere! As soon as I started asking questions another guy came over and all he did was bag you! (Debra Tranter). The place was a shit pit for dogs, no wonder they didn’t want you on the property”

loIMG_9826 copy

K “Well that was just sad…the dogs have no spirit in their eyes. They are just existing and that is all. We were not allowed near the main pens, just the sheds. Pens and pens of mothers with puppies, it just made me sad.”

lIMG_4377 copy[1]

Deidre “Your right Deb, they are simply breeding machines, its exactly like a factory assembly line. I was shocked and found it hard to keep my mouth shut”

loIMG_9783 copy

Alexis and Kade “Oh my GOD! we were sickened, it was row after row of dogs and puppies. They don’t get it. If this is what they were proud to show the public, what the hell was in all the area’s they wouldn’t let us go into?”

loIMG_9794 copy

Laura ” Each pen had a sign denoting the breed of the dogs including cavalier x pug; corgi; poodle x shih tzu. When four workers, distinguishable by orange and yellow vests, were each asked on separate occasions what the names of specific dogs I was speaking to were, none of them could provide this information. Three workers said they don’t know their names, one said the same then belatedly informed me that they all do have names. Only one pen we witnessed had a name on it – the other dogs had no identification other than their breed type. It was so sad and so undermining of the social, loyal nature of ‘man’s best friends’.

loIMG_9814 copy

It was really distressing to see so many puppies when we are clearly informed that over breeding is a huge problem and causes the killing of tens of thousands of dogs in Victoria every year. The majority of the mothers appeared to be timid and actually moved to the back of their concrete pen when I neared the wire gates. A few were friendly but they were unable to have social interaction due to being enclosed behind a wire gate in the pen which were approximately 2 meters x 3 meters in size.


Immediately leaving the first shed we entered another shed that contained pregnant mothers with signs that informed when the litter was due. I became emotional whilst viewing these pregnant dogs, the mothers and their litters and two puppies alone in a pen with no adult dog with them. It was at this time that a member of the Hamms family approached me and asked my name. She appeared extremely nervous and was visibly shaking. I asked this lady to take my companion and I to other area’s of the property quoting the claim by Mathew Hamms in the newspaper “we have nothing to hide”. Black and yellow tape denoted the area’s which were out of bounds for the public. The request to be taken to the back of the property was refused and I reiterated this was an opportunity to prove there really was nothing to hide and again we were refused due to ‘legalities’. I said this proves there is something to hide”.


Isabelle and Michael “We were shocked at what we saw as we expected the dogs pens to have toys, shade, something for the dogs to do. We hung around some big bloke who seemed to be doing all the talking, these are some of the things we heard him saying to people. ‘We have been micro chipping for ten years’, ‘No dog from Banksia Park has ever been put down, if a dog is returned to us Colin pays a lady $100 to re-home it’, ‘I would like to meet with Debra Tranter to discuss issues, if she turns up today I will show her around’, ‘This is the best puppy farm’, ‘We love dogs’, ‘Banksia Park Puppies are not purchased on impulse’. We felt the PR machine is in overdrive, name change, open day, they are desperate to clean up their image. I think most people there saw through the crap”

Picture i phone 119

Violet and John “My husband compared it to a pig farm with pen after pen of sows feeding piglets. Not one dog looked happy and 90% of them were people shy. Mr Hamms daughter explained that dad likes to use cardboard boxes for the bitches to whelp in because they prefer it. More like they are cheap and he can probably get enormous amounts of them for little. We weren’t allowed down the back and were told proudly that they had just put up new shelters to conform with Council regulations. Well, what was there before? Being ex pedigree dog breeders we were horrified at the lack of disease control. There was not a foot bath to be seen and we were aghast at one woman standing in a pen holding up a puppy of approximately three weeks old, letting everyone stroke it. We were allowed to wander through the puppy and whelping pen and stoke or pat anything we wanted. It showed a lot of ignorance from an operation that has 20 years experience. The dogs had dead eyes and many of them looked really old. We didn’t get to see what was down the back, although we could see a few dogs. One had teats dragging on the ground. We drove home totally depressed”


Jenny “I was really friendly and generous, saying stuff like ‘I wish my floors were heated’ and ‘Wow they look really happy’ whilst taking photos of the yellow tape restricting access to certain area’s and puppies through the wire, the sagging teats and sad eyes. I cant remember the name of our guide, she was the daughter of the owner and a teacher I think. She really kept a close eye on me and what I was taking photos of. She was really defensive, which, considering my friendly demeanor was quite suspicious.


The entry of the ‘whelping house’ was guarded by the owner himself, who never managed a smile, and demanded to know why my friend and I were there. As two teenagers we may have looked a little odd at a puppy farm. However, we simply told him that we heard it on the radio and saw the add in the newspaper and were here to see some cute puppies. When we went behind the whelping house, two girls were sitting in the middle of the caged area. Every station was monitored, it was quite uncomfortable and creepy for me. The mothers behind this area were either desperate for human contact or wary and defensive, barking apprehensively at us. Tin sheds radiating heat provided a tiny amount of shade for the dogs outside.


Our guide talked excessively, and her body language showed that she was very anxious. Any way from all the letters, I can tell you have the gist of what happened, and it was pretty awful. I’m so pleased that so many people are concerned about this. I have attached some photos”


Picture i phone 077


Louise “Some of the dogs we passed seemed slightly dirty and others quite timid. At one point I asked our guide how it was possible that 300+ breeding dogs were given adequate love, given that they are sociable animals, and she affirmed they were. Also, when my companion and I raised the issue of over breeding and reminded our guide that 200,000 dogs are euthanized every year because there are not enough homes, our guide assured us that no Banksia Park puppies ended up in shelters and that the issue can be attributed to backyard breeders and accidental matings. We then moved back up the hill, we had walked in a circle and returned to the entry of the first shed. Here there were a few visitors and their presence seemed to make out guide even more nervous. She suggested we should not speak there but gestured towards an area away from the people and invited us to have a cup of tea. We declined, as we felt we were being pressured to hide ourselves and our beliefs from the public, and said we preferred to talk where we were.


Then we were approached by a woman who offered to talk to us whilst our guide spoke to other visitors. This woman’s tone towards me was quite condescending and she repeated several times that I am very young (thus insinuating that I am consequently  incapable of understanding the issues or approaching them rationally). She was soon joined by two other men, one who introduced himself as Colin Hamm’s brother. They told us that only dogs of the ‘wrong breeds’ are dumped and end up being euthanized, implying that the Hamm’s dogs do not meet this fate. They also said dogs are usually dumped ‘for a reason’ and stated that it is ‘$60 puppies’ and ‘Kelpie x Jack Russell type dogs’, the result of accidental pregnancies that are killed in shelters.


They repeated several times that Banksia Park was the best puppy farm in Australia. I, however said that this was a serious indictment on this industry as a whole as Banksia Park had been found to be violating the code. The woman then claimed that the puppy farm was a ‘work in progress’ and said that I am also a ‘work in progress’ (another reference to my youth I think). I found this statement shocking because ACA/Banksia Park had been operating for 20 years and had thus had plenty of time to meet animal welfare standards!

At one point Colin’s brother seemed to try to attempt to justify the fact that ACA/Banksia Park had been breaking regulations by referring to the ambiguity of the relevant legislation and how difficult it was to understand. He also said something about the regulations not adequately covering puppy farms of such a large scale.


The response from the public has been overwhelming. We did not advertise the open day to our members in the e-news that went out on the Friday due to the legal letter from the Hamm’s solicitor. I have now received over 200 photos and more are coming in. We received approximately 60 calls and emails from people who attended on the day. I was not there but the Australian public was, and your messages are loud and clear, PUPPY FARMING MUST BE ABOLISHED, NO COMPROMISE!

I will continue to update the site with as many photos and comments as possible.

The Truth Cannot Be Changed Until It Can Be Seen

56 Responses to “The Jokes on you ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm”

  1. 1 paddlespal

    I worked at ACA for a few weeks, it was working in hell. Its now called Banksia.
    The bitches were forced to be mated all the time and to several different dogs, some were kept on chains. No one knew what cross the pups were and they were sold as whatever was wanted. Dogs and puppies were bought and sold in dozens from the other puppy farms.
    On one awful day 14 dogs were killed by the Boronia vet, they were no longer wanted for breeding, no one cared. Mum dogs gave birth on their own and many died because they couldn’t get the pups out. Mums were in agony all night and if they were alive still in the morning the vet was paid to save the puppies. The vets were busy mending birth defects very cheaply but the new owners were never told that the puppies had been operated on. The mum dogs were just called stupid for not birthing lots of puppies to sell and killed when the litters got small,they were mated every season every year until they wore out, some were really old. I was told more than a hundred were killed every year for being useless as well as the bitches and dogs that died from neglect. I was so sick with the poor dogs suffering I left after more dogs were destroyed.
    Banksia Park Puppy Farm is Hell on Earth, for God’s sake close it down.

  2. 2 Susan Greenwood

    the hams are nice people and they love all the dogs, why everyone is actually listening to debras lies, i have no idea. the hams treat all their dogs with respect and love. they never hurt the dogs and the bitches are not put down after the hams do not need them, the bitches are rehomed NOT put down.
    i was there on sunday at the open day and i believe that the day went very well. the only thing that went wrong was when debra and her family turned up to make a scene, fortunately one of the girls were tolf off by one of her friends, as she was crying and saying how the pens are dirty, so her friend told her that she doent know what she is talking about. Debra and her family left just before win television showed up. so ha!!!! she couldnt cause a commotion after all!!!
    i hope that everyone will stop this nonscence and focus on other puppy farm that are really doing the wrong. Banksia Park Puppy farm is doing the right!!

  3. 3 L

    Banksia Park puppy farm is so so sad. The poor dogs are just breeding machines / mere commodoties. In the context of puppy farming it is no coincidence that greed rhymes with breed.

    The haunting dejected expressions of the mothers; the arid dustbowl runs; the litters and litters of puppies in their depressing gray pens; the sad mothers with their dragging teats = signs of over-breeding; the suspiciously prohibited areas – if what was displayed was the best it is extremely concerning to consider what was hidden from the public’s view.

    The Hams and associates should hang their heads in shame for making money from this cruel practice of dog farming. If only these puppy farmers would look into the dogs eyes and see the sadness and dejection they are so obviously communicating and respond by saving them from such a horrible existance by ceasing their shocking business.

  4. 4 debra

    Thanks Susan
    If you had bothered to read this post, I actually wasnt there on Sunday ? The Hamms obviously got frightened and legally prevented me from attending. Also I didnt write the comments on this post the public who attended the day did.

    Please get your facts straight.

  5. 5 paddlespal

    Susan Greenwood and Debra
    I still have photos of the vet invoices to prove that dogs were killed by the dozen.

  6. 6 debra

    Colin publicly admitted on national TV that he had to kill his dogs when he was finished with them as they were unable to be rehomed. Its a fact ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm kills dogs when they can no longer produce. Of course I would love copies of these vet bills as evidence, please email them to me and I will publish them on this site.

  7. 7 Marg and Gary

    We were there too. We saw it in the paper and we had heard all about the animal lib people going there last year. We thought we would go and see what all the fuss was about. I think we walked around in a daze most of the time, it was to much to take in. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. There were people picking up new born puppies taking them away from their nervous mother and actually passing them around for people to touch, I just watched the mother dog so fearful and keeping her eye on her new born. She had no time to recuperate after giving birth and it was like a freak show, she was put on public display, truly horrible. And there were so many of them, it just kept going on and on and on. I have never been a member of animal lib or really taken you all seriously, but I have changed my mind after Sunday. Please keep up this good work, if this is meant to be the best puppy farm (we heard that many times during our visit) I would hate to see the worst. God Bless you all for the good work you are doing for these pitiful creatures.

  8. 8 Annon

    spoke with a vet today and he was from Gippsland. He knows ACA very well. He said their vet is a nutter.

    He also said that his practice sees many puppies which originated from ACA with terrible problems.
    He confirmed that they do shoot or euthanize the dogs after they are finished with them but he can not speak publicly due to ethical reasons

  9. 9 heike

    This is as sad as it gets!!! How can a place like that be able to reconstitute itself and reopen to abuse those poor dogs, AGAIN!!

  10. 10 Worried onlooker

    Maybe if the Wellington Shire council won’t act on this puppy farm then we can get one of our upstanding Politicians to act. All of these details are on the Wellington Shire website. Let’s ask the State and Federal people who are in the area to do something !!; Federal National Party leader Victoria Phone 5144 1987 Fax 5144 7086; Independent Federal Vic Phone 5152 3491 fax 5152 2023; Liberal Party State Government Ph 5143 1038 Fax 5143 1037; National Party Vic Ph 5174 7066 fax 5176 1266

  11. 11 heike

    Susan, who ever you are, you are delusional, this is horrendous at best!! How can you even think for a minute what they are doing is right??? 300 breeding dogs, no one can take care of that many dogs the way they should be taken care of. These aren’t cattle, these are dogs, meant to be in homes not in breeding pens. What kind of person would do this to man’s best friend?? A puppy farm like this is revolting and you should be ashamed to condone this activity. NO one that loves dogs would subject them to this kind of life.

  12. 12 paddlespal

    Some of the photos are still on the camera and Ive sent them to the contact address.

  13. 13 Mel

    It is so good to see so many people went and saw the truth and are speaking out. If I had of known this was on I would of been there and would of let Colin Hamms and his cronies know how cruel and misinformed they are. Well done to everyone who attended and spoke out!!!! I agree with “Worried Onlooker” and have sent emails.
    We can make a difference if we all speak out for these dogs!

  14. 14 Peter

    Well done to everyone for relaying the truth. The photos say it all 🙁

  15. 15 Lisa J Ryan

    Those on Council at Wellington are obviously blind or all still too scared to speak out of school ?? Councillors don’t represent each other – they are supposed to represent their residents. They are elected members.

    Baw Baw Shire Council and Wellington Shire Councillors – you are a disgrace. Vet Board of Victoria – you are too.

    Steven Moore, Premier, Minister Helper, Minister Wynne and Greg Boland (RSPCA) – SHUT THIS HELLHOLE DOWN and pull your local governments into order or suffer the consequences at the elections.

    Just so you understand what you are paid and legislated to do –

    Steven Moore – you are responsible for the Code.

    Minister Helper you are responsible and accountable to the people of Victoria for the Code and the so called Vet Board.

    Minister Wynne – you are responsible and accountable to the people of Victoria for the digraceful local governments.

    Greg Boland – you are paid to protect the animals and Dr Hugh Wirth – you head up the group entrusted by the people of Victoria to do just this.

    Premier – you are ultimately responsible and accountable to the people of Victoria for the actions and accountabilites of your Ministers

    Local Governement is an absolute DISGRACE in Victoria (Councillors)

    And as for the mearly mouthed Opposition – obviously you don’t give a continental and particularly so those down in the Gippsland heartland of puppy farming.

    The manipulation, intimidation, spin, cover-up, cruelty and greed is all the same.

    Nothing is worth the price paid by these dogs. Nothing !

  16. 16 Lisa J Ryan

    I received the following email from Dr Steven Tate, Director, Bureau of Animal Welfare, Department of Primary Industries, and was asked to correct my statement (an email to many in local and state government), which I have agreed to do as is noted further below.

    Still doesn’t change anything for the dogs though !!!


    With regard to the email you have circulated, Steven Moore in the Bureau of Animal Welfare is not responsible for the enforcement of the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments at this premises.The relevant local Council that registers the premises as a domestic animal business is the appropriate compliance group.

    If you have an objection to the quality of enforcement of legislation by a Council you are entitled to contact the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman to register such a complaint.

    It would be appreciated if you would correct your statement with regard to Steven Moore.


    Dr Stephen Tate
    Bureau of Animal Welfare

    phone: (03) 9217 4200 fax: (03) 9217 4416
    post: 475 Mickleham Road, Attwood, VIC 3049
    DX: 211278

    “Animal Welfare – it’s your duty to care”


    Note your comments and my sincere apologies to Steven Moore that I have confused something relating to the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments with the Bureau of Animal Welfare. To me running a large scale puppy farm, cruelty, Vets euthanising countless numbers of dogs who are “no longer useful” etc relate to animal welfare – but that is just me and possibly 99% of the Victorian public. Take your point however and trust everyone now understands that Steven Moore is the Bureau of Animal Welfare but is not responsible for the enforcement of the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments.

    Can everyone now note that as requested, I have corrected my statement.

    Also note your comments about Council’s role and responsibility. I and many others have tried for many hard months to have Council do their job. The reply I received was :

    “Thank you for your regular messages. I sense that you may need companionship to keep you company. I will watch out for a cute little puppy for you. Malcolm.

    This reply Steve was from a Councillor. Others too have received similar from the same Councillor and the Mayor. Are you seriously asking me to deal with this elected member of Council or any of them. Do you expect me to accept that my Victorian Premier would expect me to deal with these elected members. Don’t think so !

    Back to what is really important here – there are still clearly issues of Animal Welfare here. Council are NOT doing their job so someone has to. This is why the public become very frustrated with government and government departments.

    So, even after my correction, the problem still exists and the dogs still have no-one with any ‘muscle’ advocating on their behalf.

    I’m not into politics or titles or government departments because all I have seen in relation to gippsland puppy farms is significant levels of buckpassing from one level to another. With due respect to all, you need to take off the blinkers, zoom in on the mood of Victorians on issues like this, have a big round table, and sort out who is responsible and fix the problem. And if those who are responsible are not fixing the problem – get rid of them.

    If these photos don’t distress or concern people like you Steve or Steven Moore, (and I am sure they will in Steven Moore’s case), and you don’t use your influence then these dogs have no hope, because those at Council don’t give a hoot.

    As your logo states :
    “Animal Welfare – it’s your duty to care”

    Lisa J Ryan

  17. 17 Jane

    Susan, breeding from 300 dogs is not responsible nor humanly possible to provide care, compassion and socialisation. The only love shared at ACA aka Banksia Puppy Prison is the love of money. Animals are not a business, they are a priviledge! Make your living out of honest work not from the silent suffering of dogs.

  18. 18 heike

    Why, oh why do they (authorities) let this go on. How in good consciousness can they do this?? Do they not own dogs themselves?? Dogs used for nothing more than a money making machine, it is so repulsive and against any civilized society. You wonderful people have your work cut out for you for you are fighting city hall and apparently they have been siding with the business of puppy farming. This is truely the ugly side of humans, when the welfare of dogs means less than the money to be made from them. I am sickend to the core and truely saddend by the realization that they see Hamms business as a good one.

  19. 19 L

    I am haunted by the dogs at Banksia Park – they were either sad and timid even aggressive; or sad and pleading for affection. To turn away from them was in itself a cruel act. Are those who own or work at Banksia Park made of steel ?

    I saw the look in those dogs eyes – their ability to convey their anguish did not need words. The words came from the Banksia Park staff trying their hardest to convince us they are right to farm dogs .. words like love and care rolled so easily out of their mouths but they meant nothing – just part of their advertising campaign.
    Dogs who are loved and cared for do not exist as the dogs at Banksia Park do, nor do they react in the manner in which they did. How tragic to be under the control of people who lack the ability and empathy to recognise the so obvious signs of a happy, contented dog – the wagging tail, bright eyes – the signs of laughter – instead the dogs at this puppy farm appeared so depressed.
    “Very little of the great cruelty shown by men can really be attributed to cruel instinct. Most of it comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit. The roots of cruelty, therefore, are not so much strong as widespread. But the time must come when inhumanity protected by custom and thoughtlessness will succumb before humanity championed by thought. Let us work that this time may come. ” ~ Albert Schweitzer

  20. 20 Tenelle Rosser

    I live in Adelaide so i never visited ACA. The photos were enough to sicken me to the stomach. When you go to a reputable breeders home, they show you their whole home. Its obvious they love their dogs. If they had restricted areas then they are hiding worse atrocities.

    People who know puppy mills are deplorable still buy pet shop puppies believing they are “saving” the puppy. When i explain that they might have saved the puppy but they condemned the mother, they shrug and reply,”well can’t save them all!” That is a stupid attitude.

    You can go down to the local RSPCA any day and see lots of maltese x and other gorgeous dogs. You can have a cute fluffy without contributing to another creatures suffering. Its vaccinated, desexed and microchipped and temperament tested.

    Websites like this that make ppl more aware are great but sometimes it feels like we are preaching to the converted. We need to get puppy mills out in the open because the only way you will stop these heartless people is to stop the money!!

  21. 21 tdierikx

    Hmmm… I’d love to know where you are getting your info about NSWAR from animallover.

    The only animals at NSWAR that are not rehomed are the ones with such special needs that they are not rehomable – but their needs are more than adequately catered to by the management of NSWAR.

    The only people to “walk out in disgust” (as you have so nicely phrased it) were the volunteers who refused to do a particular kennel hand’s job because she was too lazy to do it herself… and she then quit when she was directed to actually perform the duties herself…

    As for the quarantine issue and the kennel cough outbreak (if you could call it that) – if the kennel hand mentioned above had not tracked through the quarantine area to take a shortcut to the coolroom to get the daily feed, and then tracked back on down to the other dogs, then the “outbreak” wouldn’t have happened at all. The big signs saying “Quarantine Area – Do Not Enter” didn’t seem to apply to her apparently…

    Then the allegation relating to breeding dogs to sell through the rescue – no it’s not illegal – and it’s also not happening at NSWAR. The only dogs that are pregnant or have litters on the ground are the ones that came in from the pound that way.

    It really would be a smart move to get your facts straight before posting stuff on a very public blog/forum – slander laws being what they are and all…

  22. 22 Mia

    I am continually appalled at the animal abuse that continues in this state & I am outraged by the councillors that are elected to serve the Victorian people & supposedly care about their jobs, they treat these issues with contempt & clearly have no regard for public oppinion, preferring to support criminals who profit from things such as puppy farms – PUPPY FARMS, HOW CAN THESE BE LEGAL?

    Please also take note that The Lost Dogs Home are under fire for the unacceptable kill rates that have been recently published.
    They choose not to implement any strategies of no-kill shelters, & are killing the healthy, young, old, you name it. This is Victoria’s shame.

    Be very careful who you donate your hard earned money to these days,particularly larger organisations – do your homework…
    We need to stay informed,in order to create change – thankyou to Debra & ALV.

    Mia L Shaw

  23. 23 j

    I try not to go on this website because i end up crying myself to sleep but i have to know what is happening and if these puppy farmers are getting shut down!! Words cant even describe how disgusting this puppy farm is…. Those pictures are enough to haunt me forever they say a million words those innocent little dogs are in need of urgent TLC. I say if u can kill a animal then u are culpable of killing a human. They have no heart and therefore i hope justice comes to them!

  24. 24 wendy marea dawson

    Susan Greenwood, you need your head checked. or pulled out of your bum. this puppy farm is guilty of cruelty, simple as that. anyone who could work in a place like that, AND DEFEND IT, is clearly off their rocker. let’s hope you come back as one of the hamm’s breeding bitches in your next life.

  25. 25 Ann Gilmour

    i think you all are a pile of idiots… the dogs are all cared for and fed for in the farm, ive been there and worked volentery for the hams family.. clearly if u eat meat i.e animals ur all talking trew ur asses cuz all animals or these days rased to make money. how would people live in the world if not. in places dogs a delocosy to eat. so a farmer that breeds cows for people to kill when they are fat enought is ok?? or hens that are caged that they cant move for eggs??? i can see in the pictures all the animals are clean and heathly shiney coats, they are not just tied up with a string left to starve were it does happen to poor dogs… the fact is just cuz people prefare to have a pet dog to a cow or donkey wats the difference?? yes the dogs that wer to old to breed may have been put down but whats the difference with any other animal that people do the same with??? at least they wernt dumped off sumwer to starve to death.

  26. 26 Judy Addison

    This whole article stressed me out of my mind.It’s truly unbelievable that these puppy mills continue to exist.
    I am about to write to the Wellington Shire Council, Craig Ingram and Joe Helper to protest about this whole sordid issue.
    Do you have any brochures that I could give out to people as I have a lot of contact with dog owners.

  27. 27 Megan

    Particuarly to Ann Gilmour: one could argue that you are correct- that all animals deserve better than the breeding dogs at the puppy farm, deserve better than to be made use of, neglected, disposed of put down, in which case you should join the ALV!
    If you take that approach- what difference does it matter re species- than it could be argued that we can do the same to the human animal. Which equals a world totally without compassion.
    To put it all together and say “what difference does it make” is called relativism. Read Singer’s book, Animal Liberation for further info.
    Specifically to dogs (and our chosen “companion” animals)- why do they matter more to some people? Dog intellegence and sentience means that they are easilly stressed (can be proven) and can become depressed. If this matters at all to you, please help.

  28. 28 J

    Ann Gilmour few questions for you;

    1. How do you sleep at night knowing that these dogs are kept in confined spaces and constantly being bred for money?

    2. How do u justify electrocuting the dogs at aca?

    3. Why do you think its appropriate to compare meat, dairy (aka food for humans to live off) to mans bestfriend? Are you trying to make out that you actually care about animals?

    Donkeys, cows whatever you are trying to get at were never made for human company. Dogs were. Dogs give unconditional love to humans no matter what for guess how much….??? FREE…. No animal should be treated unfairly. No animal should have electric wires surrounding there pen. What is ACA? A prison?? Sure seems like it!! What have those dogs done wrong to deserve all there pain and suffering?? NOTHING!!

  29. 29 J

    also just to add, how about everyone contacting the ombudsman of victoria? The legislation states that councils are to take each complaint seriously and FAIRLY and to investigate and respond to the public promptly.

    Clearly the council are not doing there job properly. How they got theyre jobs i have no idea….. What about also complaing to the local MP?

  30. 30 M

    To Ann
    There is no difference between animals all should be treated better but a lot of the public see cats, dogs and other domesticated animals as something should be protected. I wish people saw other animals the way they see dogs but they don’t. This doesn’t excuse the way these dogs are being treated. The outdoor kennels with tin roofs in summer, come on. That alone is enough. It’s insane.

    Adopt animals

  31. 31 TLC

    Getting a puppy was a big decision for our family. We wanted a labradoodle because our daughter is asthmatic. I looked for breeders but they were in the wrong State so I was thrilled when an internet search showed up ACA pups. I formed a picture of individual dog owners who suppled puppies to ACA which acted as a distribution agent. It has been a nasty shock to receive the email from ALV this morning. I see from the other stories posted that this is an ongoing story. Our puppy is beautiful and much loved but I will pass on this information about his start in life to others. I would not have supported the ACA business had I known it was a “puppy farm” or that animals there are not cared for as all animals deserve to be.

  32. 32 Ellen Harvey

    Susan Greenwood, you’re an idiot. Grow a heart and a brain, learn compassion and learn how to spell.

  33. 33 heike

    Susan, dogs are not farmed!! You admit Banksia is a puppy farm, it’s wrong!! How do you sleep at night knowing these poor bitches are being USED for nothing more than to churn out puppies for nothing more than a profit. Shame on you and all of the workers at this puppy mill!!

  34. 34 heike

    For you Ann, will not even dignify your response, at least present an intelligent arguement not just nonsense and then use a dictionary so you at least appear not to be the ignoramous you clearly are.

  35. 35 Rob

    Wow, I dont know how old Ann Gilmour is, but she has the worst grammar and spelling I’ve ever seen. I you want to be taken seriously, you need correct spelling and punctuation. As for the dogs, I was given one from here. I was going to be put down, so I took him, and I’ll take another if it spares a life. It will have a happy home with me and my daughter.

  36. 36 Ian

    I have justed watched tonight’s 7.30 Report which featured the puppy farm. This prompted me to visit the website with a view to purchasing an animal.

    How you guys have opened my eyes. I am off to the animal shelter to acquire an animal deserving of my sons love.

    I am now seriously thinking of joining your organisation.

    In the meantime, continue with your good work


  37. 37 Jeremy

    Yes, what is the difference between a dog kept for the profit of humans and any other non-human animal kept for profit, such as cattle or poultry?

    The distinction in level of care, method of killing, nature of business are all irrelevant.

    Animals are not commodities. No animal, human, canine or otherwise should be exploited.

  38. 38 Cleasanta

    I just watched the 7.30 Report on ABC. I was alerted to this program by a FaceBook group.

    This mass producing puppy industry will NOT go away until it is made illegal and with hefty penanlties involved. EDUCATION…EDUCATION…EDUCATION is needed and needed IMMEDIATELY. We need to be at these filthy scumbags constantly to make their lives just as miserable as they are makes these poor dogs lives!

    It is positively atrocious the way some people treat animals. These poor breeding bitches are kept constantly in whelp and lactating :o( The poor puppies…lacking human contact…socialisation and proper care, which will have a detrimental effect on them for the rest of their lives and therefore their new owners.

    BAN the sale of puppies in petshops…in the classifieds and on the Internet! Stop these disgusting people from having an easy way to offload their puppies…cut them off at their knees!

    It is about time the “Designer dog” label is abolished and the real name for these dogs are used again…they are mutts…pure and simple! A Cavalier X Poodle is NOT a Cavoodle…it is a CROSS BREED…a MUTT!

    The shelters are OVERFLOWING at the moment with cross breeds or so called “designer dogs”! I don’t have ANYTHING against cross breeds IF they come from a rescue organisation or a shelter. ALL dogs deserve a chance to live…it is the deliberate breeding of “mutts” I have a HUGE issue with…the Puppy Mills…the Backyard breeders!

    How the hell do these people sleep at night. Oh I know…they dream about the financial gain from their 300 odd dogs…DISGUSTING!!!

    Hamms family and ANY other operating Puppy Mill out there…you should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember this though….Karma is strong and I sincerely hope you get back what you have done and then tenfold!!!

  39. 39 yellowgirl

    I’m just sickened 🙁 I try to help with dog rescues, shelters and charities as much as I can and the enormity of dog welfare issues and the public’s ignorance can sometimes be overwhelming. Thank you for helping to raise public awareness about disgusting, money humgry puppy farmers. They have no conscience and to say that they love their dogs is clearly a lie. The public needs to know the whole story.
    I have added this link to my website.

  40. 40 Animalia

    I have worked in Animal Shelters for over 12 years in 2 different states. I see first hand what comes & what goes. Years ago, the small fluffy cute dog / puppy was rare, now they in the top 5 of most type of dog to be found in Animal Shelters across Australia.

    Some say that because the owners have spent hundreds of dollars on purchasing them that they will look after them better, what a lot hogwash, this simply is untrue. Shelters are seeing more & more of these type of dogs coming in, in appalling conditions, extremely matted coats, infected ears & eyes.

    The fact is they (Banksia & other puppy farms) are mass producing companion animals for profit, they are not doing it, to better the breed, or to enrich the lives of the animal. It is purely for their own financial gain. This is a cruel industry which MUST be stopped. Keep up the good work Debra!

    “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight”
    Albert Schweitzer

  41. 41 Jenny

    I’m horrified to discover that our beloved dog is the result of breeding in a puppy farm. I thought I’d researched the matter thoroughly a couple of years ago when we decided to purchase a dog. We wanted a dog with poodle in it with the hope of lowering any chance of my children having any adverse reaction to the dog as some of them suffer from asthma. Unfortunatly I didn’t find anything negative about ACA, in fact I only found the Burkes Backyard article recommending them. We love our dog dearly and couldn’t imagine out lives without her but we are very saddened to learn that we have supported a puppy farm. Thank you for alerting us to this.

  42. 42 pete

    dear ann gilmour;

    here’s a sincere suggestion.
    go back and finish your education, which was obviously somehow interrupted.
    once you are well educated, you will be able to spell and use grammar properly, make a coherent argument, and see the world in a whole different light.
    this light will then show you the truth about puppy farming, and compassion in general.

  43. 43 haley

    u guys are great save those puppies I am only 12 and i wish i could help

  44. 44 alison

    Dear Ms. Gilmour, attempting not to descend to the level of the gutter in my reply has been difficult.
    I think my reply boils down to this… no matter what i choose to eat, whether animal vegetable or mineral, i expect that its treatment up until the point that it reaches my posession is garunteed to meet a certain ethical standard. I breed meat animals, and its part of my ethical personal standard for my farm that i give them the best possible life until they are taken to the abbotoirs, which i might add i take them to myself. I garuntee that my two hundred animals, both goats and alpacas recieve more close personal managament then those dogs at Banksia Park… tin sheds and sand floors are not appropriate as breeding facilities…
    If you cant see the difference between cattle/sheep/goat meat reeding and what happens at Banksia park, then i pity you.. the hamms do not take personal responsibilty for the treatment and subsequent sale of their animals… no they send them to pet shops who then sell them… do the hamms keeps records of every individual puppy they have sold and the name of the actual person they sold it to??? Not likely… let me tell you i do with my animals, goats alpacas, chooks ducks what ever…
    so don’t tell me how hard done by those people are… open your eyes and learn what is ethical and best practise management…

  45. 45 stephanie

    thats a good letter alison

  46. 46 stephanie

    Dear jenny, hind sight is a wonderful thing.

    many don’t realise if they want a non-shedding dog, it is better to go the responsible breeders who have these dogs, i.e. a pedigree poodle breeder or bichon frise rather than buying a cross breed. Breeding dogs for 25 plus years the genes work in this way, if you mate a shedding breed to a non-shedding 50% of the pups are going to turn out half-half. if shedding breed has dominant genes 90% if not then it could work the other way, the point is that with a cross no one knows which way the genes will go in the puppy.

    if you buy a breed that requires a lot of grooming, most purchasers don’t get told how to groom or how much grooming so hence why most end up being dumped despite being bought for a lot of $.

    responsible registered ANKC breeders will screen their buyers and sort out the responsible owners with the irresponsible avoiding adding to the shelter numbers as a responsible breeders also looks after all that they breed and take back any unwanted dogs and rehomes. Beware of ANKC registered breeders who breed for $ and are no better than a puppy farmer!!!!!!

  47. 47 stephanie

    in regards to the posts further up, i have had a conversation with the past mayor of the council in question because he knew my family for many years, but i hadn’t known him personally just knew off him, and the puppy farmers in the gippsland region are in the council’s ears. the farmers are telling council things like: the market is there so why not, all our dogs are healthy and bred in humane conditions, the council themselves told me that the mayor himself has been out there to look at this farm and it passed with flying colours. meanwhile, the mayor and the councillors made an appointment to come out to the farm so it doesn’t take alot of brains to work out that they did a clean up before hand to make themselves look good. i had a good debate with the mayor informing him of genetics and how the shelters fill up with these kinds of dogs, he couldn’t make the connection, they aren’t making the connection and think that we are all extremists. i told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to educate himself on the current over population with dogs in shelters and genetics. told me that he will think about what i told him meanwhile wellington is still approving the permits to operate this large farm and many like it in this region.

  48. 48 Lolly

    I whole heartedly agree with the above posts, the only thing thats disgruntled me is how some are claiming pure bred dogs are better. I like to agree, but please also look at the facts, dogs such as pugs have been bred to have pushed in noses, causing breathing difficulties, cavaliers, to have rounded skull, causing the brain to not have enough room= fits. Interbreeding is also highly prevalent to breed out so called bad traits. I no that this blog is not about this problems with dog breeding, just please dont believe that pure is best, because in some cases its not.

  49. 49 debra

    Agree Lolly, all dogs are capable of suffering. It doesn’t matter that they are pure, crossed, small, black or fluffy!
    Its the factory farming of dogs that is the issue.

  50. 50 stephanie

    lolly, all dogs can suffer crosses, pures and pedigrees debra is right, farmers can also penetrate the pedigree dog. breeding dogs is big $ so corners are cut, cavaliers are popular esp in oz so as a result not all breeders test dogs=poor quality produced to sell to public. you are talking about Syringomyelia which is a low incidence in australia compared to UK. all reg breeders asked in a survey, doco only dealt with a couple of people who were obviously unscrupulous and you get those types anywhere you go in organisations. there are farmers in reg breeders circles being reg ped is no guarantee. that doco was filmed in UK, UK does not have the programs like we have in oz for herediatary diseases – uk breeders complained of this online, filmaker is going to make a film about oz dogs – had a q & a forum oz pedigree breeders with filmaker. no matter what breed a dog is, they can all suffer from genetic problems, the key is screening a breeder if they breed for money steer clear as they are farmers don’t test and don’t care if dogs suffer from diseases breed that in puppies end up infected, pedigrees are selectively bred as a whole homing in on genes and genetic problems unique to that breed of dog, crosses have random genes and dbl up on probs as they have 2 or more breeds in them, not able to home in on any genetic problems – if you go to a responsible reputable breeder you have more of a chance of obtaining a healthy dog, crosses DD is zero chance, mite strike it lucky but healthy dogs is low percentage.

    my point is, the farmers are pushing to the councils, to the public that dont’ know any better about the breeding of healthy dogs and genes, that they are all healthy they don’t get dumped in shelters there is no way to get statistics on the DD that are bred in these farms. so the public/shires are duped with believing the dogs are bred healthy if you know about genes you know this is not true at all, meanwhile the farmer is still allowed to operate becasue he makes those ignorant points to people that are non the wiser and keeps on pumping out pups.

  51. 51 stephanie

    lolly if a “breeder” breeds their dogs for money they are a farmer, mostly dogs will be poor quality because these farmers dn’t test the dogs they breed, they dn’t breed to improve bloodlines or the breed they are in it for their own bank account. so the dogs suffer just like in a puppy farm, backyard breeder they are prisoners of profit. there is such a thing as a pedigree puppy farmers as well unfortunately and i’ve witnessed a few of them in our circles, these people are pure evil as the dogs suffer it is cruel on the dogs concerned to breed dogs without testing for genetic problems in these puppy farms – pedigree non=pedigree designer dogs they are all the same evil people.

  52. 52 stephanie

    can i just ask everyone on this site and accessing it to please write into the wellington shire and especially if you are a resident of wellington shire. as they are now questioning people complaining and claim that people are not complaining about the farms! they said if they got more residents and rate payers of wellington they’d be able to do something and perhaps shut these places down.

    please help my by writing in to wellington and letting them know its not alright to have puppy mills in this region. there are many many farms down in this area.

    people power really does work. i heard through talking to locals that in recent times the last few years they’ve actually rejected farms from starting up and closed down 8 i got told.

    so this shire needs more pressure from the public to let them know people aren’t going to tolerate wellington shire making money with the farmers, they could be making anywhre up to half a million dollars in registrations it was calculated!

  53. 53 cathy castleton

    Wellington shire you are making money from a criminal activity. Time will tell and the owners of this disgusting venture will be exposed,and so many Australians know now about this. meanwhile so many dogs have been bred in cruel tormented conditions, and for profit.the Hamm family must have some common bloodline with the Milats, seriously, they are on the upper end of the psychopath scale

  54. 54 stephanie

    having read the hamms website, they have a “media” person now to do their dirty work. they state that none of their dogs end up in shelters, that they will personally look after any dog that ends up in a shelter, if they don’t get each and every person’s name that they’ve sold to, (what about the pups they sell on to petshops?) then how can they know that they bred the dog, there are thousands of oodle dogs in shelters across the state and across this nation. they are full of crap! just a ploy to make themselves look good to the general public.

  55. 55 Tania C.

    I hope it’s OK Debra, I’ve posted a link to this page to Don Burke’s “backyard” (how apt a name) magazine via his contact screen at his website and requested he read and see if he still agrees with his idea that backyard breeders are fine. I sent a message earlier as well telling him what I think of him. Idiot. Burke by name and berk by nature, I said.

  56. 56 sam

    all I really have to say is…….dogs cant be farmed!!!!they are close responsive amimals and predators, they dont live in herds happily munching on grass, they need stimulation, interaction, anything other than a pen and whelping. Even wild dogs, ferals and wolves can experience this and do not breed to the level these people make them and all in the name of profit, it makes me sick. If we did this to people therewould be outrage and legal action, so stop the puppy mills, there are enough registered breeders and pound dogs out there to cater to the general publics need for canine companions. I currently own two dogs, two cats and two horses all of which are rescues, yes they take time to rehabilitate but I have these guys around to enjoy my life with me, so I am willing to put in the hard work required, and in the process I am educating my 3 children (all under 6)that owning an animal is a massive responibility, and if you dont have the time or patience to commit to a 15yr relationship minimum positively then do not get a pet.there are too many animals out there that need rehoming that a pet shop should never get any business, that is really the only way to shut these guys down, and leave the breeding to responsible breeders not mass produced for profit

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