Nobby was her Name

nobbyOver the years, so many people have inquired about “the beagle”. This one photo has been used as a symbol around the world to raise awareness about the horrors of puppy factories. “The beagle” has helped engage and influence people into taking action. So who is “the beagle”?
She lived her life on a puppy factory in Ballarat, owned by a veterinarian, Dr Ron Wells. The staff called her “Nobby” and they talk about how she craved affection. “She would lie up against the fence just to get a pat, she was good at getting out of her pen when you opened the gate”. Nobby’s mother was a breeding machine so Nobby was born into the factory and never knew life as a normal dog, all she knew was confinement and misery.  Nobby’s brothers and sisters were loaded up and taken to the pet shop, but Nobby was put aside as she was the chosen one to replace her mum. When Nobby’s mother could not produce enough puppies any longer, she was killed and then Nobby replaced her and started her job as a breeding machine.
Nobby was the first dog at the factory (not the last) to have a litter of puppies with a terrible disease. This disease killed some of her puppies by eating away their skin and in some cases entire limbs.

This cruel disease didn’t stop the factory farmer from breeding her though, as some of the pups survived and therefore Nobby was making money for the farmer. After her puppies were taken from her (they were not gently weaned), Nobby would have her vagina crudely flushed out with iodine and then she was packed onto a trailer with other dogs and they would be driven to another property. This was the place where the farmer kept all the breeding males and is still operating today. Once Nobby and the others were pregnant again, they were put back on the trailer and driven 3 hours back to Ballarat to give birth to their next litter and this regimented process went on for years and years. Staff recall that “Nobby was well known as the howler, as every time her pups were taken from her she would howl for days”
Nobby was never wormed or vaccinated; she was only ever fed cheap dry food, she was never exercised. Her life was miserable and staff remember “she never stopped craving attention, and she was so smart and loving even though she had been locked up her whole life”

Many of Nobby’s puppies died, they were left untreated, Ron simply didn’t care. All of this became too much for one staff member so she secretly took one of the sick puppies home to try and save its life.  The pup was named Trilogy as she was born on 3/3/03. Trilogy lost one of her back legs to this mysterious disease however today she has adapted and is one spoilt and very much loved family pet and only survived because one person cared.

Nobby was her name. The pet industry has dismissed Nobby as “the photo is half a decade old” and “the farmer was prosecuted”. No he wasn’t, Dr Ron Wells walked away unscathed after years of inflicting cruelty onto the dogs that made him a fortune. The legislation didn’t shut him down, the authorities didn’t shut him down, you, the public did. So the pet industry can dismiss her, but to us, Nobby was her name, and she mattered.

I want Oscars Law

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  1. 1 Kaz

    I am speechless. I WANT OSCAR’S LAW…………..

  2. 2 stephanie

    it makes me cry reading that. Poor nobby. lucky for triology

  3. 3 Ubique Larkhill

    Let’s forget that this is a picture. Let’s see and feel and touch this dog and her poor puppies and recognise her life as her owner never did.


    I’m trying to make a difference too

  4. 4 yolanda

    This is my babies mum “Nobby” I knew her very well!! I was the “whistle blower” for the ballarat puppy farm. I would do it over and over again to save the pain & cruelty that these dogs went through. love you always Nobby xoxo

  5. 5 Mandy

    This is so horrible, I felt so sad reading it! I definitely want Oscar’s Law!

  6. 6 kaate

    This breaks my heart 🙁

    I don’t see how people can do things like this, 🙁

  7. 7 Sandra Middleton

    You are an angel for exposing this horrible man. I hope that I live long enough to see the end of this cruel trade.

  8. 8 Alice

    I want Oscar’s Law too…

  9. 9 Wendy

    Bless her little heart at least she is now at peace and hopefully Karma will get that man. I think it is about time everyone should bombard Brumby and Rudd to have a Federal Law regarding the welfare of defenceless Companion Animal Breeding, registering, licensing; even registered breeders should desex all pedigree dogs being sold as household pets. I believe all puppies should have the id of their breeder tattooed in their ear, so when found wherever can be traced back to a breeder. Queensland is desperately trying the no-kill policy taught them last year and care and follow through on cruelty cases. Animal cruelty should be rewarded with prison time, no matter what age. If youcan hurt an animal you are then in bracket of murderer, rapist etc., so nip it in the bud. Sorry I am venting but it just makes me so so mad. Nobby will not have died in vain… we have to start the pressure.

  10. 10 Jessica Tan

    And that bastard dares to call himself a vetinarian?? He obviously has zero compassion and love for dogs! A true dog lover (or anyone with the least bit of values) wouldn’t do that! This is a form of torture!!! T__T

  11. 11 Anne

    Dog bless you, Nobby. Rot in hell, Ron Wells, you bastard.

  12. 12 snow

    Thank you, Yolanda for your courage to expose those barbarians. I cried for Nobby and many like her. Msy others be like you and exposed all forms of cruelties to animals. Where are the laws to protect animals?

  13. 13 Nicci

    I was in tears reading this, R.I.P Nobby, we all feel for you, I definitly support Oscars law!!!

  14. 14 Elsa

    Am in tears, this shouldnt happen to any animal. The people running these places are just cruel and creedy. No one should buy from them. I support Oscars Law.

  15. 15 monica perry

    I support Oscars Law 100% and think the people responsible for this kind of hell should be put to sleep!!!!!

  16. 16 monica perry

    Good on u Yolanda u go girl!!! If i had the info and resources to do this work i would be in it in a heart beat….

  17. 17 Belle

    This just makes me want to cry 🙁

    I can’t believe that such a beautiful doggie could be treated this way. It makes me feel sick.

    I have 2 gorgeous dogs that we rescued, neither of them got to the RPSCA we got them from people giving them away for free because they couldn’t “handle” them anymore, and they are lovely beautiful dogs who have had a chance in life and I would not trade for the world. One of the poor doggies is scared of everything because she was previously mistreated, but she knows we love her with all her heart and would never hurt her at all.

    We also have 4 cats (yeah we have a bit of a managerie) 3 were rescue cats that come through the pet rescue teams. I must admit we bought one of them from a pet shop, but only because she had been sitting there by herself for a while and was at the point that the pet shop was going to get “rid” of her. It disgusted me to here this and couldn’t stand to see her left there all lonely. (she now runs the household)

    Its horrible the way the animals are treated at the pet shops, in those horrible little glass cages and never get exercise or the chance to run around its horrible.

    The government need to stand up and take some responsibility to end this cruelty to all our little furry friends. These are loyal and loving animals and should never ever be treated this way.

    And for the people who treat the animals horribly, they should all be lined up and shot for the way they are acting its completely unforgivable and totally gut wrenching.

  18. 18 Uta Peter

    We had a beautiful beagle boy as part of our family for fifteen years and to think that Nobby endured such a life of misery just breaks my heart. No creature deserves to suffer like that.

  19. 19 Brendan

    I find it heart breaking how these poor defenceless and totally trusting dogs can be abused by heartless money grabbers. Shame on them.

  20. 20 Jake Green

    Aw, I can’t believe there are such terrible human beings around who can treat such cute looking puppies so badly. I am truly ashamed to be a human being when I hear stories such as this one. Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I’m typing this.

  21. 21 Abbas

    Jake, that is nothing. If there are people who can do bad things to other people, they won’t even think once before causing harm to innocent animals. I recommend a compassionate individual like you should join some kind of organization protecting animal rights.

  22. 22 Clippy

    Why is the Veterinary Association so quiet? So lacking in condemnation? So seemingly disinterested in this horrendous industry? Never have I read or heard an outspoken Vet or their Association convey their disgust about the industry of Puppy factory farming. Where are they? The responsible, ethical Vets surely must out weigh the poisonous, unethical Vets who support farmed dogs. Are Vets on a money pot? Do they make too much money from the shear numbers of overbred and poorly bred dogs???

    I feel that the profession of Veterinary medicine is letting themselves down. They used to be trusted and revered by the public but over the last couple of decades their image has diminished. I’ve heard Vets described as “… better than used-car salesmen”; “……just in it for the money”.


  23. 23 Stephen Warby

    I had a beagle. Her name was Honey. She died last night. This story makes me feel sick!!!1

  24. 24 Jacqui Campbell

    I visited my local vet. I informed him of OL by showing him one of the OL cards. He was aware of the case of Dr.Wells, & then said in a round-about way puppy farming doen’t really happen anymore. I informed him it does. He then stated that he “switches off” too this “stuff”. PLEASE; Remove your head from the sand !!!

  25. 25 Claudia

    This story is so sad, my partner is a journalist and tells me many horrible stories about puppy farming. Where he lives the RSPCA does nothing, he is determined to do something. We want to rescue a beagle and love him in our happy home. It’s so disturbing to know that damaged individuals get away with things like this! We can definitely support change.

  26. 26 Ally

    I’d like to know what happened to Nobby. Did she end up having the same fate as her mum? Poor baby, I say that people being cruel to animals should at least have a taste of what they do to them and see if they like it and keep doing it. Life blesses Nobby and her noble soul. Nobby, watch for us from the heavens and give us the same strenght and wisdom you had to be able to fight for this cause.

  27. 27 Kerrie

    How very cruel :'(

  28. 28 annie bode

    This story is truly heartbreaking. How can humans be so cruel.

    It makes me ashamed to be human. All animals derserve kindness and respect.

    The man is a vile despicable cruel greedy monster. I hope he burns

    in hell Thank you for exposing him.

  29. 29 annie bode

    I hope Nobby is at peace now at Rainbow Bridge.

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