The battle continues……

68 dogs were surrendered from a backyard breeder weeks ago, this person, Heather Stokes, has been breeding and selling puppies for years, has moved Shire’s numerous times, has been witnessed allegedly selling sick puppies from the boot of her car, has been involved in ‘pet theft’ ( we have tracked down former victims) and has twice been refused a breeding permit from two different Shires in the last 3 years because of the terrible conditions she keeps her animals in.

Heather Stokes decided shortly after the surrender that she wanted the dogs back, we said no. All the dogs have now been re-homed and have started their new life as loved pets.

And so began the harassment and threats helped along the way by someone who works in Animal Welfare and Community Services.

Heather has now contacted her colleagues Kelly Kesper (KKK puppy factory), Gloria Jackson and Larry and Liz Seears (Billabong Creek puppy factory).

Heather has asked them all for help in “getting Trish and Debra”

A few weeks ago Trish Burke of Pets Haven Animal Shelter and I found out that this ‘mob’ of factory farmers were planning on raiding our homes and killing our pets.

We advised our police contacts and our lawyers, but we have also had to move our pets for their own safety. I have had to move house for the third time in 12 months.  These people don’t hesitate to kill their dogs and I have been told “we are going to shoot you, like we shoot our dogs”. They watch our facebook pages obsessively and take note of every little detail. They have hacked into our emails and the computer crime squad are investigating, they have phoned our Council’s and lodged complaints about us keeping too many dogs on our properties.

These are the type of people that are breeding our pets. These are the type of people the pet shops deal with, out the back, and hidden from public view. These are the people that we are fighting to shut down.

We can shut down this industry that views our pets as mere breeding machines. Don’t ever give up, keep up the pressure.

Trish, myself and the other people involved in rescuing these dogs will never give up. We will continue to do everything necessary to protect our families and our pets.

Keep the pressure on Wellington Councillors, ask them to inspect Gloria Jackson, Kelly Kesper and Billabong Creek puppy factories. Registration must be renewed in April, urge Council to revoke the permits. Abolish the factory farming of our pets

I want Oscar’s Law

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  1. 1 dee


  2. 2 Dannii Daniel

    Disgusting, cowardly, cruel, ill-educated, piss weak thugs who are the crux of evil dwelling on the fringe of society, living off the profits of badly neglected and mistreated animals. I may forget a name but I never forget a face. And yes Dee, Karma is a bitch.

  3. 3 Barry Reynolds

    Debra and Trish we are behind you 100%. Now that everyone knows what sort of pressure and threats you have been living with these last few weeks we can all help and support you.
    These filth will not get within 100 metres of you both.
    Oscar’s Army is watching!!

  4. 4 Lisa J Ryan

    And similar to Gloria’s false claims of being a rescue shelter, these are the types who pick up many non desexed dogs advertised by many unspecting people advertising ‘free to a good home’. Don’t ever let any dog or cat go ‘free to a good home’ unless you know exactly where they are going and the life style they will have. Never let a non desexed dog or cat go anywhere apart from a credible rescue group or shelter. Oscar’s Army is indeed watching right across the country and with each day it grows with everyday pet loving people.

  5. 5 Sue

    OMG talk about bad karma coming their way. What on earth motivates people to behave like this?? Whatever thoughts and actions they are putting out will come back three fold. Keep your vision strong you will succeed with such strong intention to do the good work you are doing.

  6. 6 Teresea Saunders

    I would never purchase a pet from a pet shop or online. There are too many awaiting homes in shelters for this. 🙁 These aren’t people or human for that matter. Karma will win out. 🙂

  7. 7 kristen mills

    i am behind you 100 percent

  8. 8 michelle

    thew law needs to be changed to protect our beloved animals. people who use and abuse animals should be subjected to jail time.

  9. 9 tony egan

    these disgusting lowlives should be treated with contempt, just as they treat the poor defenceless animals that they are churning out of their filthy puppy factories… They all belong in prison !!

  10. 10 vicki

    My God, what the hell is this world coming too, these people make me feel sick, as everyone else has said Karma will come right back at them, More power to Deb, Trish and friends

  11. 11 Rebecca

    You ladies are amazing <3 I highly suggest you get intervention orders against these people!! I know it seems like a cowardly fix but you can’t keep moving and hiding your pets from thugs like this! Seeing how much this has escalated, the fact that you’ve applied for intervention orders for your safety and lives should be considered if this escalated any further and ends up in court.

    You have more than enough to base an intervention order on…and your local police, if you inform them of whats going on, can assist you further and keep an eye on your house.

    Good luck ladies, don’t give up xxxooo

  12. 12 Krissy

    this is disgusting, these people think they are tough cause they can harm an inocent animal, it makes me sick. we are all behind you. these people are ignorent stupid people that need to face facts what they are doing is beond wrong

  13. 13 Vicki Dickinson

    Deb you know we are all with you and will continue to fight until the end, the end of this wicked disgusting industry.
    You only have to call and we will be there, for you Trish and the dogs, with no hesitation. If you callI will be there in a flash.
    This has to stop.

  14. 14 Penny Staggard

    OMG, I’m so glad I’ve always rescued my dogs from shelters, These barbaric scum have to be stopped, And please keep yourselves and your pets safe! Hopefully with all the publicity Oscar’s law will soon be the way.

  15. 15 Eileen Meeking

    We want oscars law. Thos Bastards should be put in a cage for the rest of there lives . Those poor animals. Where is the justice? Why doesnt our GOVERNMENT care?????????????? How do they sleep at night knowing they are letting these people getting away with cruelty and murder! Eileen

  16. 16 Bec Busby

    I have just attempted to write to the Wellington Shire Council on their CARS site which suggests any concerns can be raised to the council in this fashion and via their complaints section on their website. Unfortunately to no available as the same error comes up each time:

    we’re very sorry!
    We have detected some incorrect use of this website
    Click the Back button to try another link.
    This is a 404 Error message

    I am hoping this is the little action group inundating the council so that they felt compelled to shut down their webpages.

    This is what I will put down on paper and send via snail mail:
    As a previous rate payer of the Wellington Shire Council area and a resident within Victoria, I am appaulled that the Wellington Shire is condoning and allowing the likes of Gloria Jackson, Kelly Kesper and Billabong Creek puppy factories to operate within your Shire.
    I believe their registration must be renewed in April 2011. Therefore urge the Council to revoke their permits and assist to abolish the factory farming of pets.
    These people are involved together and individually in criminal behaviour which includes; badgering and threatening the hard working, dedicated animal lovers who protect the lives and health of animals, threatening the lives of the workers, threatening the lives of the animals,etc etc. The police have already been contacted and are investigating.
    A vast majority of your rate payers and the public at large are appaulled at these type of practises being allowed to be conducted within your Shire.
    Mounting public pressure will result in more publicity. It will no doubt focus initially on your Shire as the abovementioned people are serial offenders and well known.
    I urge you to act immediately to; inspect and/or close down these puppy factories and breeders for good, assist police with their investigations and under no circumstances renew Gloria Jackson, Kelly Kesper and Billabong Creek puppy factories licences.

  17. 17 Lea Stevens

    I am really distressed to read this ladies and I am with Rebecca, Intervention Orders are an immediate requirement to help with the protection of you and yours.
    I agree that Karma is a great leveller, but who can wait for Karma in this situation … perhaps a call to Mick Gatto ( also an animal lover ), would be a very productive course in your immediate future !!! With love <3

  18. 18 Natasha

    This is disgusting! What the hell is wrong with these people! Good luck to you all, you are amazing people! xx

  19. 19 Sue McC

    Hey guys, you know that we are all behind you 100%. These scumbags have picked the wrong group of people to bully. The ‘army’ of Pets Haven & Oscars Law supporters will fight this battle with you all the way & I know our voice will be heard eventually. I feel sick that you guys have had to endure this intimidation & scare tactics from this group of low life & I pray that the day will come when this barbaric practice finally ends… has to STOP NOW!!!

  20. 20 Lella

    I’ve had personal experience with these people and the results of what they have done to their animals. You make me sick to my stomach. Deb and Trish, you are braver than you will ever know.

  21. 21 anne

    Hasn’t Gloria Jackson just been placed on a court order Community Based Order, with conviction. She’s a convicted criminal and any breach of her CBO, for example stalking, threatening another person etc. should see her get jail time.

    These puppy farms are the dregs of society. Too ill educated to make a decent living and do something to benefit the community. They can only live of the suffering of animals!


  22. 22 Julie

    To Bec Busby, perhaps people who read this could take this letter of yours as a template (if you didn’t mind it being so), change it to suit their circumstances (because they are always better to be independent, individual letters), and send a mass of mail to the Wellington Shire. Really give them something to be concerned about. And, if everybody sends an email, PLUS a hard copy of that letter to the Shire, they will not only get inundated by email and mail, but they MUST reply to each letter, even if it is a mass mailing by them. And if they don’t respond within a certain time, re-send a letter, requesting a response, AND add a copy of the previous letter and demand a response. Not to mention the phone of course!! These people are just scum who need to be shut down.

  23. 23 Samantha Anders

    Lock these people up, disgusting vermin they are..

  24. 24 Alison Telford

    WE ARE more powerful, in our compassion WE ARE more determined, because we speak for the voiceless WE ARE louder, our animal friends are loved so WE ARE relentless, WE ARE driven to protect them..EVERY ONE of us..we will support you and your pets, just ask us too and WE WILL do what ever is required of us. Tonight we start the lobbying and we don’t stop until we have the necessary results.

  25. 25 Jan Baker

    What bloody heroes…..there day will come sooner than later…keep going girls we are there with you…..Oscars Law will prevail…..the creepy arsholes will be punished…..

  26. 26 Jen

    I just sent an email to each of the Councillors from Wellington Shire Council and used some of your content – thanks Deb. Thought I’d post it, in case anyone would like to rework it and use themselves. I work for a Council and know that writing to the Councilors is the best way to get action, so implore everyone to take the time to do it. Even receiving one or 2 emails like mine below would send my Councilors into a frenzy trying to fix the problem.

    “As a regular visitor and tourist of the Wellington Shire Council area and a resident within Victoria, I am terribly concerned to recently hear that the Wellington Shire is allowing Billabong Creek puppy factories to operate within your Shire!

    In Australia, we have a system that perpetuates a cycle of breeding to excess, impulse purchasing of pets and then quiet killing of the surplus 250,000 mainly healthy cats and dogs year after year. This is not justifiable, not ethical and not acceptable. These animals are not just statistics, each one is a live sentient being that can suffer immense stress in a frightening environment prior to an untimely death. Surely you have the ability to fix the problem in your own shire and stop the oversupply and consequent unnecessary euthanasia of healthy cats and dogs by tackling one of Victoria’s sites for mass production of puppies for profit!

    I believe pet registration must be renewed in April 2011. Therefore I urge the Council to revoke their permits and assist to abolish the factory farming of pets locally, and lead the way for other Councils. I urge you to act immediately and close down these puppy factories and breeders for good, under no circumstances renew Gloria Jackson, Kelly Kesper and Billabong Creek puppy factories licences.

    I would appreciate any feedback you have on your investigations in this matter, and thank you for you consideration of this request.

    Yours sincerely”

  27. 27 C. Hall

    You forgot to mention that the dogs were not ‘surrended’, Heather asked for help to save her dogs when the property they lived on flooded! Give all the facts, dont just write what you want!

  28. 28 debra

    C Hall, Heather stated to a lot of us that night “make sure you find them good homes”. It was a genuine surrender and we were genuinely there to help the dogs.
    A flood does not justify keeping 120 dogs in appalling conditions.

  29. 29 Danielle

    Guys don’t give up. These bullies are the same ones we have all faced in our lives. They were in our schools,our work and all thru life.But they can’t win the animals need our help.There is no-one else other wise they won’t be there.I am so sorry for your personal suffering that you have had to endure. The stress would be overwhelming.But you guys have loads of support and love going your way and always ask for more somehow it will come.
    Thank-you from all animal lover everywhere

    Much love and prays Danielle

  30. 30 Jo

    Regardless of whether they were surrendered or “helped save” they lived in appalling conditions and are in a much happier place right now. If Heather truly cared about her dogs surely she would be able to comprehend this and stop bullying Pets Haven. Its amazing what people will do for money….

  31. 31 K Hasthorpe

    Nice to see free speech is alive and well. NOT! BAWCS is removing and blocking anybody whose comments don’t agree with their point of view. Let me be clear, I am not referring to, or support those who post derogatory personal or offensive comments, they are removing anybody who is not with in their approved circle already.

  32. 32 K Hasthorpe

    I attempted to post this on the BAWCS FB page, but it was removed within 2 mins.
    Regardless of the conjecture regarding whether the dogs were surrendered or illegally removed, surely the welfare of the animals involved is paramount. If the video of the dogs living conditions is accurate, there cannot be any credible excuse or reason… for returning them to this unsuitable environment. Not having met the owner, it is not appropriate to comment on their emotional or mental state, nor their attatchment to these obviously suffering animals. Is it not obvious they DO need some assistance in caring for the animals they claim to love? The emotional wellbeing of ALL involved needs to be considered, 2 legged or 4. It is sad to see this sort of situation quickly becomes “he said, she said” more about who is “right” rather than about what is best for those who are in need of help.

  33. 33 Sue C

    You know I was going to leave a comment that was going along the lines that they would be dogs in their next life but realised that’s not fair to dogs. I hope will all my heart the justice praviles and all will be sorted soon and these people just end up thinking this is just too hard and will go away, however I think they will be pit bulls that will grab on and not let go even when they know that they won’t will.
    Good luck to you and your pets, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats but I will always make room for more and ask for an additional permit for more from my council if need be.

  34. 34 Melanie

    You know what – if it’s necessary to keep moving – move – if it’s necessary to take a thump – I’ll take it – take it and then charge them – because seemingly once the criminal justice system involves a person the stakes are raised to where they should be a sentient life.

    It’s amazing what trash resorts to isn’t it. It’s all they know and all they have. Easier to thump a vulnerable breeding dog or puppy isn’t it. Big people – REALLY big.

  35. 35 Katie Grainger

    C Hall, YOU get YOUR facts right! Sticking up for the other side, means you’re not on our side, which means what the hell are you doing even reading this page?! Go back and put your head in the sand.

  36. 36 Mags

    Did I read correctly that Julia Gillard’s crossbred pup for her birthday will be from a puppy farm; Billabong Creek Farm? Is this true? Are they? If so, then what an example to set.

  37. 37 alison

    yep… heard it on the ABC radio…
    …as much i dont think i have a right to tell them what type of dog to get, i think i might feel free to tell where not to obtain it from…. hmmm, time to innundate the prime ministers office i think… emails to front!!!!

  38. 38 Debs

    I bought a spoodle from Billabong Creek, thinking I was doing the right thing. Their website boasted of how they’re not a puppy factory, and how their puppies get to roam in lovely grass and clean cages etc., and how they are well looked after and healthy. I knew that Pet Stores bought from puppy factories so we avoided those on purpose, and Billabong Creek sounded like such a lovely place.
    We went to see her before leaving a deposit, and were happy with what we saw (but people have since told me that we only saw what they wanted us to see… and admittedly we did not see the parents of our puppy).
    We got her at 10 weeks and she was spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. We took her to the vet to get immunised and he was impressed with how clean and healthy she was, she’s now 11 months and an adored member of our family.
    I am so disappointed that we were taken in by these people and that we inadvertedly supported a puppy factory, the thought that our puppy’s mum will get used up and eventually killed is really upsetting.
    All we can do now is continue to give her lots of love and never make the same mistake again if we are ever in the market for another puppy.

  39. 39 Shelley Marks

    I was sorry to see Gloria Jackson advertising “pugaliers” for sale on a facebook page today at $650 each. She didn’t even include the microchip numbers that are now mandatory when advertising dogs or cats for sale. But what was heartening where the amount of angry comments, not abusive, that were left by members of the page “Gippsland Pets for Sale or Free to a Good Home and Animal Accessories”. I volunteer for the South Gippsland Animal Aid as a foster carer for kittens and was pleased to see some of my fellow foster carers posting a link to this page in the comments on the add as well and questioning the price of a cross breed dog. The add was up for about 36hrs before the admin of the site stepped in this afternoon and deleted the post and then explained why. It is my hope other pages follow their lead. We also checked out her website Danglo Puppies and were disgusted to see that from appearances she now has her permit.
    I am so sorry that this group, including Gloria were threatening Deb and Pet’s Haven after the rescue of all those dogs, which was voluntary in the beginning until Heather had a change of heart. While I do believe in Karma of sorts I believe that this group of puppy farmer’s need to be shut down permanently. I wonder if Centrelink are aware of Gloria’s extra income? Or as someone else suggested the ATO… That and why wasn’t something done after the recent outbreak of Parvo at petshops who were supplied by Gloria and her friends?
    I applaud everyone who has made the effort to contact the shire where these places are located but I wish there was something more that could be done. Keep doing what you are doing Deb, the message is reaching more and more people everyday. I can’t wait for Oscar’s Law to be approved and put a stop to these monsters once and for all.

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