VCAT got it wrong…..again!

“We (Mr and Mrs Attard) intend to purchase the property to establish a dog breeding and rearing establishment to which will be a profitable and useful future on the land concerned, and provide a much needed service in the wider district”

Mr Attard has been involved with breeding and caring for dogs all his life. Currently he runs his business acting as an agent for many other dog breeders selling their puppies all over Australia as well as internationally and has done so for almost 8 years. This has given him a unique opportunity to gather information from all the different breeders he has worked with and learn from their experiences with things such as nutrition, housing, exercise, health, kennel layouts etc. Managing a dog breeding and rearing establishment requires Mr and Mrs Attard to be on the property full time so that they can undertake daily tasks such as feeding, grooming, cleaning, monitoring and other husbandries.”

The Establishment will require 15 stud dogs and 85 bitches. All the dogs will be small/medium sized breeds (up to 40 cm) that includes Beagles, Cavalier King Charles, Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles, Scottish Terrier.”

“There will be a 2.9 metre wide walkway in the centre of the shed to allow staff to attend the dogs easily without actually entering the pens. The second pod will be identical to the first so there will be 52 pens/runs to house 100 dogs with an extra 2 pens/runs spare.”

“A perimeter fence of 1.8 metres high will surround the establishment to prevent animals from escaping in the event that they escape their pens/runs”

“Each shelter will have 16 openings. Two of openings on either end of the shelter are for staff to enter and walk through and the other 14 openings are for the dogs to enter the shelter.”

“Dogs will be kept in pairs to keep them occupied, happy and relaxed. Being pack animals this is very important to the dog’s mental health and once again will help to keep the quiet”

Moorabool Council said NO, RSPCA said NO, Oscar’s Law said NO, the neighbors said NO, 1300 objectors said NO. VCAT said YES.

Whilst the community is outraged and is lobbying hard for the abolition of puppy factories, VCAT ignored communities concerns and paved the way for yet another one to be built proving how out of touch they really are.

Moorabool Council is leading the way in Victoria and do not want puppy factories in their Shire. Please be sure to email them and thank them, other Councils should look to Moorabool and make the same courageous stand.


Because we ALL want Oscar’s Law

28 Responses to “VCAT got it wrong…..again!”

  1. 1 Jme

    Arseholes. One step forward, two steps back. Just when you think your getting somewhere with people the higher powers do something like this. Dirty scum, the lot of them. May they all rot in hell.

  2. 2 Louise wright

    I’d hate to be the architect that designed that

  3. 3 Robyn

    Over my dead body Attard … We will fight you every step of the way you evil bastard I WANT OSCAR’S LAW

  4. 4 Renee

    Disgusting, I wonder who got the kickbacks? Someone, somewhere pocketed something!!! VCAT is obviously not impartial or transparent in it’s judgement. Very corrupt decision in my opinion. How do you justify the building of a puppy factory when you have hundreds of shelters full of abandoned, unwanted and mistreated animals? How do you justify another puppy farm VCAT when thousands of animals are killed annually? Does VCAT support the senseless killing of innocent unwanted pets just so the likes of Mr Attard & his associates can prosper and make money? How do you sleep at night? Shame on you!!!!

  5. 5 The law has spoken

    Accept the legally binding decision. Stop being a vigilante! your not above the law!

  6. 6 Jane

    We are numbered in our hundreds and even thousands. You are out of touch with the community Mr Attard. We will fight this proposal, every step of the way.

  7. 7 Liz

    What a disgrace! VCAT should make decisions that are representative of the community – with 1300 objections, the message from the community was clear. Shame on VCAT!

  8. 8 Debra

    to “the law has spoken” Legal doesnt = Right. We will continue to do everything in our power to stop the sheds from being built. VCAT got it wrong !

  9. 9 Mel

    Attard ur a total WANK and a CRUEL piece of work – KARMA !!!!

  10. 10 Kristy

    we will find a way to stop you, you evil bastard!!!! i will lie on that ground in front of your trucks until the police take me away and i am sure that more will take my place.

  11. 11 Cassandra

    Dear Mr Attard,
    How about you and your family members live in the runs. 2 per cage, for your “mental health”, A few of us will take turns to throw you some food now and again and hose out your excretement on a weekly basis…ops daily typo. Of course we will do it daily 😉
    Let the dogs have the mansion after all they are paying for it!!!

    This is incomprehensible craziness!!

    Debra and all your helpers I salute you and send you love and strength.

  12. 12 rational voice

    To Renee and others..

    How do you justify the scapegoating of a one puppy factory when you have thousands of piggeries and Poultries full of mistreated animals who waut to be killed and eaten? How do you justify the scapegoating of one person when millions of “primry producers” (as you love to call them before you eat then- delicious, isn’t it?) animals are killed annually? Does you support the senseless killing of innocent animals just so the likes of you can eat your meat and the farmers can prosper and make money? How do you sleep at night when you make the cruel distinction between different kind of animals ? Shame on you!!!!

  13. 13 Debra

    To “Rational Voice” There are other people fighting for our pigs and our poultry and our cattle. Did you watch 4 corners recently and see the wonderful Lyn White. She filmed our cattle being tortured and brutalised.
    Dont be so narrow minded, just because this website is dedicated to the factory farming of our pets, doesnt mean we condone other forms of animal abuse.
    Maybe use ‘google’ and you will find thousands of people all fighting for animals.
    educate yourself

  14. 14 Jacinta

    I e-mailed VCAT, no hopes that they’ll actually read my e-mail or get around to changing their mind, but at least with the (hopefully) masses of upset e-mails coming in, we can make them squirm a little bit.


    How does Loitering, trespassing and dumping rubbish all of which is illegal help?
    Looks like Mr. Attard will need to take police action as well as intervention orders on the vigilantes who are featured in this photo.
    The law must be obeyed no one is above it.

  16. 16 Debra

    Puppy farmers also need to abide by the law…..but they dont…..someone has to look out for the dogs

  17. 17 sylvie

    the point is have we got grounds of appeal?

    if so please lets appeal and stop this disgusting puppy farm.

    VCAT is a crock. Half the time its not even a legally qualifed person making the decisions

  18. 18 Pegs

    To all those people that disagree with Debra and everyone else who is fighting for the rights of these beautiful animals…

    Shame On You

  19. 19 Amanda

    My god the house this man is building so that he can live in luxury whilst he openly states that the kennels are built so that staff will not need to go into pens. To rational voice I do not eat meat. I do not distinguish and I would doubt that any one who cares about the disgrace of puppy farms would distinguish between any form of sentient life. All areas of animal welfare in Australia require people to carry on the fight. Try not attacking under the guise of rationality.

  20. 20 Nadine

    To the pathetic people on the thread pro this puppy farm you disgust me. Obviously friends of or Mr Attard himself. You are the lowest form of scum. You have blantantly admitted that the pens will operate so that staff do not need to enter them…Do you plan on walking these money makers??? Anyone who knows anything about dogs as you proclaim to on your application knows that it takes more than the company of another dog to keep them occupied and as for keeping them quiet, you sir are an idiot. Dogs need food, exercise, discipline, love and affection, not a life in a pen. If you really wanted to breed dogs because you ‘care’ you wouldn’t need 15 studs and 85 bitches. How many litter is each bitch to have a year?
    I hope you rot in hell along side the morons from VCAT

  21. 21 Leonie

    We held an awareness walk last weekend on the streets of Ballan to bring this to the locals attnetion.
    There is another gathering tomorrow, Sunday 14th August 10.30am in Daylesford, meeting at the big horse statue by the 2nd roundabout.

    Bring your dogs and help us hand our leaflets to raise awareness.

  22. 22 Erin

    All i can say is what an absolute joke!! Are VCAT out of there mind?! How can anyone rule that this is “legal” or morally right.. I hope they know they have a fight on there hands!! I will not stop emailing and voicing my concerns.. And i will be there in September for the rally and everyone else needs to be there to.. Awareness is the only way to stop these puppy farms.. Debra you are a truly amazing and inspiring woman.. Never stop what you are doing.. you are an absolute angel!

  23. 23 Cazz

    VCAT is a joke, and a waste of taxpayers money and time. ANY decision they make can be overridden by a court. Landlords wave VCAT around and tell you it’s like court. The woman I saw there looked at my assistance dog and told me he smelled. The council ranger stood up and said he couldn’t tell the difference between coffee drips and cat poo(does that tell you how well he’s been trained for the job?!). She heard nothing from me(I was never given time or opportunity to say anything) but decided my landlord should be allowed into MY home to do an industrial clean, during which I have to keep all my cats in the enclosure(which is only suitable for 5 cats), meaning the council can come and get me for ‘cruelty to animals’.
    Back on topic, how on earth or any planet in existence, can 2 people possibly look after so many animals? I guess it’s not the number that concerns me, but really!

  24. 24 Jodie

    Rational voice, what makes you think they’re mutually exclusive? I’m equally as appalled by factory farming as puppy farms, and am on my way to becoming a vegan because of it. It is possible to care about more than one oppressed group at a time.

  25. 25 Shell

    Went out to the site today in the pouring rain. It was so bitterly cold and all I could think of was .. How are these dogs going to survive this weather in the conditions they’ll be kept in? This man is pure evil.

  26. 26 Emily D

    As christmas approaches there will be more of this going on over and over again. It is a vicious circle thats never ending.It’s a multi million dollar business that means big bucks in people’s pocket at the expense of unknowing people who buy their animals this way. Thank you Oscars Law many animals are save because of your tireless work !!!

  27. 27 alison

    The application states

    “The Establishment will require 15 stud dogs and 85 bitches….
    “…There will be a 2.9 metre wide walkway in the centre of the shed to allow staff to attend the dogs easily without actually entering the pens. The second pod will be identical to the first so there will be 52 pens/runs to house 100 dogs with an extra 2 pens/runs spare….”
    “…Dogs will be kept in pairs to keep them occupied, happy and relaxed. Being pack animals this is very important to the dog’s mental health and once again will help to keep the quiet…”

    So what happens if the two dogs dont get along? Do they get to fight it out in the same pen, without the worker having to enter??

    Perhaps you move them to the spare pen?
    All it will take is two dogs not to get along and they will have no spare pens… brilliant…
    So how will they get new dogs, keep on any puppies who dont immediately sell, or house sick animals away from the rest of the population?
    What about quarantine??
    What will happen to retired bitches, or studs?

    How will the “workers” clean up dog poo without entering a pen?
    How will they wash down and scrub floors without entering a pen?
    How will the dogs get any interaction at all with people without “workers” entering a pen…?
    Good animal socialisation happening here!!!!
    Since when does having two dogs kept toegether, keep dogs quieter and more occupied? I wish Mr Attard would tell that to my two girls…
    It only means that Mr Attard is trying to have less to do with his dogs…again great for animal socialisation and well adjusted family pets!!!
    Mr Attard you are not a dog breeder you are a puppy factory…
    To even call you a farmer, gives farmers a bad name…you think you can churn out puppies like it is a production line…
    you are wrong…

  28. 28 Nicole

    This operation in all of its existence disgusts me. However people out there creating this demand for pure bred puppies are just as bad. All my life I wanted a mini doxie pup. But I never did it-I couldn’t justify such a selfish want on my behalf supporting an operation like this one! With all the rescue organizations available DONT SHOP-ADOPT. Do your part to make demand for puppy mills to disappear on their own! My favorite breed is rescued. Think about it.

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