Master Dodgy Breeders Association

Do you debark your dogs, overbreed them, shoot them, buy your breeding stock from the trading post or collect them from the pound? Master Dodgy Breeders Association are the group for you!!

Do you breed designer dogs? Well thats no longer a problem as we will label your dogs a ‘breed in development’

Are you being ‘harrassed’ by those pesky ‘animal people’ ? Dont worry just change the name of your dogΒ breed and come join us we’ll protect you and speak out on your behalf, we use a variety of names depending on what forum we are typing on πŸ™‚

We tell people we have the right of entry unnanounced at any property that are members of Master Dodgy Breeders Association, we also tell them we can enforce relevant legislation, therefore the public think we must be great πŸ™‚

So if you do all of the above, we want YOU now. And as a special offer if you join today we will nominate you for an award at our prestigious 5th annual Master Dodgy Breeders Association Awards!

Join now, you breed ’em we’ll promote them πŸ™‚

A happy MDBA member dog πŸ™‚



8 Responses to “Master Dodgy Breeders Association”

  1. 1 Melissa

    oh my God hilarious and spot on !!

  2. 2 Sharon

    must be relatives of ‘the dodgy bros.’ from the d-gen comedy skit from years ago… it would be laughable if it wasn’t so horrific for the voiceless victims… definitely a well written piece though, thank you…

    i wan’t Oscar’s Law – NOW!!!!!

  3. 3 Beagle4

    So well written and worthy to be “shared”

  4. 4 Michelle

    As a professional pet stylist, unfortunately I am forever confronted with so called Designer Dogs. The stories I hear from my clients who own these pets are quite astounding. Every second one of these designer x breeds that comes through my door are not even the combination of breeds that they were informed they were when they were purchased. When I question my clients, most of them inform me that they purchased their dog from a breeder and can’t even conceive the possibility that they may have infact purchased their pet from a Puppy Mill. The more I converse with them, the more I see the warning signs. Clients who have paid $1200 for a so called Pedigree Labradoodle….( with papers ). Other clients who days after purchasing their pets nearly lost them to illness. Clients who tell me that before having their pet sent to them from interstate they were happy enough to see the photos of the parents online. These so called breeders telling my clients that their Labradoodle only needs grooming every 6 months so they are a low maintenance pet. These clients actually thought that they were avoiding the Puppy Farm Trade and truly believed that they were purchasing from reputable breeders. Mind you, it is almost impossible these days to sort the reputable from the down right dodgy. They are becoming smarter, falcifying breed names, glossy websites, even going to the lengths of creating these illusion Associations. I am amazed at the lengths they will go to, to fool the general public….in particualr one so called Authentic Australian Labrodoodle Breeder. When I became a dog groomer I went to the trouble to get a formal qualification and accreditation, I worked in a salon for nearly 5 years before I felt ready to open my own. I even joined an Association which was supposed to represent professionals in the Pet Industry. I started to realise that I was paying large sums of money to run my salon under a so called CODE OF PRACTICE that was never even policed. I am no longer a member of the PIAA, unfortunately this association is all about membership fees, with basically allowing anybody with a pair of clippers or a backyard shed to become a member. I so wanted to be part of a professional industry but it seems that there are now less of us and many more of them.

  5. 5 Megan

    What evidence do you have to back any of this up?

  6. 6 Sam Eykamp

    How do you decise who is who is beyond me??? You are happy to be photographed with Pets Havens owner yet start on anyone you see fit too.
    What is your truth?
    Do you believe in people having pets or do you agree with PETA that we should phase out companion pets altogether?
    I invite anyone to visit my dogs & tell me they are not happy & well provided for. Not all breeders are enemy number 1 & Master dog breeders dose some very good work although there are some things I don’t agre with also but thats just my individual opinion & I choose not to throw the baby out with the bath water so to say.
    I prefer them over ANKC who allow breeding for extreme type over function, health & temperment & then go on to reward those breeders ion the show ring.
    Not all breeeders breed for profit & the facts are most lose money on any litter they breed, I certainly know I do once genetic testings, vet care, premium human grade food & regular upkeep.

  7. 7 Debra

    Hi Sam ,

    I own 4 pets so yes I agree with people owning pets, no I have never agreed with PETA at all, another unfounded rumour πŸ™‚

    I have met and worked with so many ethical breeders that have a genuine love for their animals and the breed, I have no problems with ethical breeders and many of them support Oscar’s Law. I know that not ‘all breeders’ breed for profit and I work with many and see how much money they spend on their dogs, I dont believe any ethical breeder makes money on breeding at all after what I have witnessed.
    I agree MDBA does do some great work but like you I dont agree with them choosing to support and legitimise a well known puppy factory.

    I simply hate puppy factories and want them shut down

  8. 8 alison

    Mr Eykamp, what on earth makes you think MDBA is any better then ANKC. Any organisation will be subject to infiltration by members who do not have the best interest of their animals at heart, but rather the depth of their bank balance… if you dont think that is possible… perhaps you should look at the amount of money Rutland Manor sells its inbred mongrels for… I know which group i will prefer to trust at this moment.. change comes from within, and it is the responsiblity of all members of such organisations to make them aware when members have a concern over the behaviour of another member instead of thinking someone else will always fix it

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