Pet Industry out of touch

Dogs are furry four legged humans who deserve the vote, while puppy farmers are two legged brutes who deserve to be neutered. We’re talking about the canine counterpart to the slave trade Phillip Adams The Australian August 2010

Once again the Pet Industry Association of Australia proves how out of touch they are with community concerns regarding puppy factories, pets for sale in shops and animal cruelty.

They openly support and attempt to justify horrific puppy factories by advising the public if the puppy factories are members of PIAA then they are fine.




Now they are advising the public that if you buy a puppy from a pet shop that was born at one of their members puppy factories, like the ones in these photos, that they will rehome it if it gets dumped to ‘save it from euthanasia”. Roger Perkins went on to say that if the public buy a puppy from a pet shop that is a member of PIAA “they are helping to stamp out dodgy puppy farms”. With only 25% of pet shops being members of PIAA this sounds more like a recruitment drive for membership as it will do absolutely nothing to ‘stamp out dodgy puppy farms’, they are all dodgy and should be abolished.

PIAA described this announcement as “a break through in the history of the Pet Industry” proving yet again they are out of touch with society and perhaps just a little bit delusional. Simply by associating with the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders should send warning bells to anyone who values the life of our companion animals. AAPDB members include Billabong Creek Puppy Factory and Murray River Puppy Factory ! AAPDB refuse to let the public know there full list of membership, no transparency and public confidence there!

Founder of the AAPDB Kate Schoeffel has a puppy factory but also is a vet that kills dogs at the Council pound, she states

I do not want to contribute to the huge number of unplanned and unwanted puppies which end up being disposed of in Council Pounds and animal shelters.

But Kate is quite happy to mass produce puppies whilst killing them at the Council pound during the day.

And what of the breeding dogs on their members puppy factories, well apparently its still ok to kill them.

steve austin


On the same day that the Pet Industry announces their history making policy of traceability and rehoming, a distressing photo of the Pet Industry President, Steve Austin is found posted on his own facebook page.

The Pet Industry has refused to take any action and CEO Roger Perkins has actually justified this photo by stating “he was having a bit of fun” he also labeled anyone stating their disgust at this photo as ‘feral’. This photo upset me greatly and I cannot understand why anyone involved in animal welfare could pose for a photo like this.

The Pet Industry Association of Australia support puppy factories, promote retail outlets for puppy factories and backyard breeders, and deem it ‘fun’ to pose for a photo with a dead cat in the most disrespectful way possible.

As one person put it
If feral cats are left roaming, our native wildlife will suffer. However, instead of the immediate response (which is obvioulsy killing those feral cats), lets also look at the root of the problem. To me, that would be undesexed cats. We know this because there are generations of feral cats. Steve Austin and the PIAA not only support but actively promote the sale of undesexed cats in pet stores. For anyone who thinks they are here to make a difference, please take a moment to think about that fact. Undesexed cats being sold via these pet shops to owners who do not need any kind of checks – some of those cats are lost or abandoned. They become feral. They breed ferals. Steve Austin goes to hunt these ferals. Are you feeling dizzy yet cos this merry-go-round of unethical pet sale/ownership will not stop.
The Pet Industry does not need ‘men’ like Roger Perkins and Steve Austin and they need to resign. Leaders in the Pet Industry need to set an example and treat all animals humanely and with respect, therefore they should join the call to have puppy factories abolished and help get animals out of pet shops, this brutal industry is not what the public want. We need our political leaders to show some courage and start listening, because when values and attitudes change to such a degree that a law is no longer acceptable to the majority of people, then the law needs to be changed.

I want Oscar’s Law


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  1. 1 Sharon

    this is horrific… so much for compassion – “having a bit of fun after a day of hunting feral cats in the Kimberleys…” … and we’re supposed to believe he is interested in animal welfare!!

    I want Oscar’s Law… NOW!

  2. 2 Jan

    They are a money making industry….the pet shops are their meal tickets…these puppies come from their puppy factories…they can’t lose but the dogs & cats do….this mongrel doesn’t care…dead or alive to hold an animal the way Steve Austin is holding this cat is a disgrace!! They are business men they are NOT humane people so the quality of an animal’s life is of NO CONCERN to the PIAA….the public has to be made aware that these pretty little puppies in the window to Steve Austin are just a $ sign to him & his inhumane mates…

  3. 3 Mary DeMarchi

    That’s disgusting. It’s morally wrong to say one thing & pose for a photo like that & then justify it. There is a feral cat problem because of people, people caused it & people must not treat any living creature with cruelty, photograph it & then justify it. That is so insane. I don’t need to rubbish the man, he has done so himself the moment he became involved in the death of that poor little soul hanging from a rope. Another lesson that shows people are NOT who they SAY they are, people are who they DEMONSTRATE they are. Let that be a lesson in credibility to take note of – actions are more important than words.

  4. 4 Rob

    We unfortunatly made the mistake of buying a dog from Billabong Creek before we knew about puppy farms.
    We have had nothing but trouble with our pet and have spent almost $2,000 at our vet. Our vet even rolled his eyes when we admitted where we purchased our dog from. Our dog has hip dysplasia, entropian and skin allergies.
    We now know about puppy farms and use our dog to educate our friends.
    For any one thinking these websites look great, dont be fooled, the hidden costs are atrocious and we think about our dogs parents daily.
    Dont buy from Billabong Creek or any other puppy farm.

  5. 5 Larry n Liz

    Being a member of a pet association according to Ms.Tranter’s little blog page Prisoners for profit, does not fly high on her approval ratings of how she thinks things should go. She complains about the Association not displaying their members on the site so she can go an harrass them to death about it. Well, Deb, go ask any of the Dogs Vic, ANKC, or any of the other breed societies if they will display all their members names on their sites and see what you’ll get told. Your so full of accusations about whose killing what and whose not, you’re the one that’s out of touch. We’re quite happy for the public to know we are members of the AAPDB, because we display it on our web site your moron, so there is no lack of transparency about it. Making a big song and dance about a feral cat is really clutching at straws to find something to use to discredit the PIIA and its founder, and if thats all you can do, I am sure that if I research your story on ” how I got Oscar”, I can pick alot of holds and discrepencies in it … lies if you like and put them on public view and let the public know how you have lied about it. And deb, just for the record, we dont sell our pups to pet shops so I dont know what your angle is putting us up and an example….. get your facts straight.

  6. 6 Debra

    It’s great to see you still read my website Larry 🙂
    Just a few points though, Steve Austin is not the founder of PIAA. You’re more than welcome to research the story on ‘how I got Oscar’ perhaps you may learn a thing or two about compassion.
    I realise you’re manufactured puppies at Billabong puppy factory are not sold at pet shops, your daughter drives them to the airport every week.
    Could you also reply to Rob’s comment above about the sick puppy he purchased from you ?

  7. 7 Suzie

    Thanks for your input Larry n Liz! It was SOOO insightful!

  8. 8 Samantha

    An 8 year old dog rescued from this puppy factory had to have both eyes removed due to untreated glaucoma, a painful condition that can be passed on to the puppies. Another dog was riddled with mammary cancer and had to have a complete mammary strip to remove the large cancerous tumors. The mother of your puppy is condemned to a life of constant breeding and you will financially contribute to ensure she stays on this property and never experiences life as a dog should.

    Taken from a letter to Julia Gillard..In Regards to Billabong.

  9. 9 Elle

    To Liz and Larry,
    Your dogs are bred for human companionship, yet your breeders are treated like breeding machines, living a life of isolation without love and socialisation. A miserable life. But what do you care, just so long as you’re profiting, you’re happy.

  10. 10 Deb

    Puppy farms are evil, cruel, discuting cess pits. The inhumane creatures that run these places have no compassion for any living being and are motivated by pure greed. These same callous mongrels continue to deceive the public by selling poor quality, badly bred, often unwell dogs. Never buy pups from pet shops, never buy without going to visit the breeders premises, see the Mother of your intented puppy, dont support this cruel industry, put them out of business. Bring on Oscars Law.

  11. 11 Peter

    Oh Liz and Larry,

    You are both quite the evil fools aren’t you.
    You mention you display that you are members of the AAPBD on your website, why don’t you display pictures of the parents of your puppies and of course the conditions they live in. Why don’t you show the public the truth? The facade on your website does not fool anybody!

    You are both dog pimps that contribute to the overflow of breeding and filling pounds, all for greed.
    When reading your comment, I think to myself, “what a couple of mindless pill brains”.

    Also you state that “Making a big song and dance about a feral cat is really clutching at straws to find something to use to discredit the PIIA and its founder” I actually found that picture to be disturbing and extremely distasteful.
    This comment you made is really quite pathetic.

    I want Oscar’s Law.

  12. 12 Laona

    I have been watching Debs efforts in regards to this most tragic production line of companion animals, And i for one am very proud to know that there are wonderful humans out their willing to help our for legged friends to the extent that Deb does with her members. i’m disgusted in this day and age that Deb has to compaine to get people to listen about over breeding our companion animals, and to ask for this to be stopped. It should never of existed in the first place. As for the feral cat picture, unfortunatley i was looking at the picture enlargened and my 7yr old daughter came up and asked me what that was, i said a feral cat, then she asked why is that man holding it hanging like that, i said because its like a trophy to him and he’s proud of himself for killing an animal that should never of become feral in the first place, its human error. She then went on to say, then why does he have to smile about it, thats cruel. With that i said yes it is, but thats what humans are like, we make mistakes and the less fortunate ones suffer, mainly those with no voice. And that is the innocence of a child. Even she can see the wrong in it.
    I hope every single Puppy farm is closed, i wish that every dog being imprisoned in them finds forever loving homes, and are vet treated, and loved unconditionally. And that every person involved in this barbaric behaviour is fined beyond imagination, and that they all lose a hell of alot thats near and dear to them. Deb is an inspiration to me, i love everything she stands for. And would love to meet her one day with Oscar and her other companions she has saved. An amazing lady, thats just doing what should come naturally to us all… LOVING…. Well done Deb, never give up, we will always be behind you 110%.

  13. 13 Indy

    I am a 14 mnth old min pin purebred who was found on streets by a person who did not have patience for silly pups and handed me to a shelter when I was 7 mnths old. I was then adopted by a family who cares about me and love each day of my existence. Perhaps I was one of your puppy farm industry offsprings or a backyard breeder of selfish humans who think they know what I need. I might have been taken from my mother to be sold at an early age to anyone who had the money to purchase me. Little did your industry know that I was not desexed and had badly deformed upper and lower canines and was not good enough to keep. I want oscar’s law.

  14. 14 Julie

    My lovely little dog Scruffy died at only 9 months of age. He came from a puppy farm just like the one that is run by Liz and Larry. And would the pet shop pass on to the puppy farm that somewhere out there is a breedor breeding pups with serious defects. And they knew exactly who it was. No they wouldn’t and didn’t want to know anything about it. I hope Liz and Larry read this. Nothing will take away the heartache of watching a loved pet get ill and nothing could be done to save him.
    We think Deb does an amazing job. So many people like myself never knew the truth beind the glass show case of the pet shops. We do now.

  15. 15 Katie

    Liz and Larry De Ville

    Your talk of transparency makes me laugh! You and hundreds of other ‘breeders’ display what member associations you like, it does not prove anything in an industry with no standards or policing. If you want to prove transparency invite you customers onto your property to view where all your breeding dogs are kept and post pictures of your kennels. I doubt anyone will appreciate your honest transparency then.

    And if you think nothing is wrong with that photo, you should not be allowed anywhere near animals who require care and compassion. That photo is disgusting, no animal whether it be feral or not, deserves to be strung by the neck for a smiling photo. PIAA is a joke and managed by uneducated morons, and that photo proves it.

    Enjoy karma!! I hear it’s a real bitch!!

    Cheers 🙂

  16. 16 Deborah

    You know what they say about trophy hunters – big guns and little dicks. Anyone who can get pleasure out of killing an animal is seriously disturbed. I will NEVER stop supporting Debra Tranter, who works tirelessly to improve animals lives. The pet industry needs to be stricltly regulated to rid it of these idiots who are only in it to make money. There are a lot of people out there fighting for change and it will come. I want Oscar’s Law!

  17. 17 Penny

    I want it .
    She wants it.
    He wants it.
    They want it.
    We will have it.

    If there’s a pet in the store, Dont walk in the door.

    Australia will get Oscars Law.
    Australia is behind the great women in gumboots.

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