PIAA Promises

Steve_Austin_Steve_Coleman_Dr_HarryDogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from PIAA approved breeders who meet animal welfare standards and whose operations are subject to independent audit by a veterinarian each year.

ROGER PERKINS: We’ll we’re going to ensure that through this policy that we’ve launched, that those breeders who are supplying our pet stores are each on an annual basis are viewed by a veterinarian, are checked out by a veterinarian, a registered veterinarian, to ensure that the practices under which they are performing are to a standard that we’ve established.

Better Homes and Gardens resident vet Dr Cooper said the rate of pet euthanasia was far too high in this state. “As Australians, we look after our animals, we’ve always put great stock in the care and welfare of animals – so this is a long time coming,” he said.

So apparently your safe if you buy a puppy from a PIAA member pet shop because their “breeders” are PIAA approved, right ?

Passion for petsPassion for Pets, a PIAA member, purchased puppies from a well know Wellington Shire puppy factory. Some of those puppies died of parvo. A week later the broker delivered another 19 puppies to Passion for Pets from the same puppy factory.

brokerPIAA lies. Don’t buy the lie.

Email Wellington Council and demand they investigate the filthy Riverslea Puppy Factory immediately and test all animals and the soil for Parvo.

No more puppies should have to suffer and die on local Government and PIAA approved puppy factories.


I want Oscar’s Law

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  1. 1 jacki jacka

    As a member of the public I am demanding that the Wellington Shore investigate puppy factories. Also Bert Cookes is breeding dogs illegally, in disgusting conditions. Why haven’t you seized these dogs from his property yet? You’ve had more than enough time to do so, and enough pressure to do so from the public.

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