Election Promises still not working

How timely that Peter Walsh and the Coalition Government announced today that they will be handing out cash grants to rescue groups, shelters and foster networks. It is about time that our annual dog and cat registration fees were put to better use!

Mr Walsh said in Opposition the Coalition promised to donate the proceeds from penalties, fines and seizures from illegal puppy farms to animal welfare agencies.

“Given that may be unpredictable or insufficient, we have today gone a step further by guaranteeing funding of $400,000 a year for the next four years,” Mr Walsh said.

Translation : The Coalition Government has not shut down one illegal puppy factory since new legislation was introduced, therefore there is no ‘proceeds from penalties, fines and seizures”, best we hand out some cash fast!

How about at least trying to shut down one illegal puppy factory Minister Walsh


I want Oscar’s Law

4 Responses to “Election Promises still not working”

  1. 1 sharon

    sadly it appears all politicians are alike – promise before election, renege after… i want oscar’s law…

  2. 2 Jane

    “unpredictable”- Peter Walsh you have got that wrong the seizure today of 60 dogs found in the most appalling state in sth Gippsland was totally predictable Victoria is rife with Barbaric and hideously cruel Puppy Factory’s Shame on you Peter Walsh

  3. 3 sharon

    i had to share this – i supported the Animals Australia to help ban rodeo cruelty – another brutal exploitation of other sentient species – the response to my letter was:

    “Thank you for your email and for keeping me informed of your views. I appreciate receiving your feedback.

    Like you, I find any practice that brings about the mistreatment of animals intolerable. I was a strong supporter of Oscar’s Law, and this campaign resulted in the Baillieu Government enacting laws to effectively shut down “puppy farms” that were cruelly mistreating dogs.

    The previous Labor Government refused to act on this issue.

    In recent days the Government has announced a $1.6 million fund to protect and care for abused and neglected animals.

    I will certainly represent your views to the Minister and during Party room discussions on the matter of rodeo cruelty.


    my response:

    Thank you Clem for a reply.

    Funding those that need protection and care is extremely important – as a bandaid measure. Seems to me the best way to deal with a crisis like we have is to close down the industries that enslave, exploit, abuse and brutalise animals! Sadly rodeos and their exploitation will apparently continue to exist while politicians procrastinate.

    Your email contains misinformation too – the Baillieu government did not shut down puppy factories! Puppy factories still abound – we know that from the numbers of puppies for sale, the numbers of dogs that end up in shelters, and then there’s the factory attended by the RSPCA on 9 August! 62 dogs rescued from brutality and exploitation – how many others are out there? If you really supported Oscar’s Law they would be shut down! And if you really support Oscar’s Law, I look forward to seeing you and hearing what you have to say at the Oscar’s Law rally in September.

    I want Oscar’s Law – now! I’ll see you outside Parliament House on September 16 because you support Oscar’s Law too apparently!



  4. 4 sharon

    I should have added the email came from Clem Newton-Brown MP,
    Member for Prahran – Clem.Newton-Brown@parliament.vic.gov.au – perhaps others might like to express their outrage at his lies too…

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