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4 Responses to “AAPDB”

  1. 1 Leesa

    I was asked by the AAPDB last year to set up a registry for their members, in 5-6 months not one single dog was registered .

    They do not want to and never will register a dog as they are only x bred mongrels with no thought of the health implications and after seeing the horrendous story on channel 7 , We at live stock registries want no part of that association.

  2. 2 Kate Schoeffel

    Goodness Leesa
    I told you at the start that the AAPDB registers breeders not dogs and that pedigrees are meaningless in crossbreeding programs.
    I’m sorry that you didn’t make any money from the registry and am delighted that you have removed the connection.
    The tone or your communications when referring to fellow members was not appropriate behaviour for an Association of Professionals.

  3. 3 Debra

    Couldn’t agree more Leesa, obviously you wouldn’t “shut up and do as I say” so you were booted !
    Puppy farmers thrive on secrecy, they hate to be exposed !

  4. 4 Leesa

    Thank you Debra, I care for the dogs always have… I don’t care if a property is spotless, most are not as we have been shown over the years, if the dogs are not socialized due to vast numbers that to me is a more important issue.
    I approve of x breeding pure bred dogs but only to improve their health and remove problems, but records must be kept and open to public scrutiny and this sort of breeding can take a decade to fix any problems.
    I am glad I no longer support them, puppy farms should not exist and if you have so many and keep no public records how many dogs with congenital problems are sold at huge prices to an unsuspecting public.
    But we do need purebred accredited breeders to supply the general public with dogs that are healthy and tested for any problems,these are breeder that love their animals only have a few usually in the house and these breeders work well with each other sorting out problems.
    All dogs and cats should never be sold in pet shops and never work with a puppy broker!!!!

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