Fighting Dirty

 If ya don’t back the fuck off ya might find ya animals shot in the head, ya here me c*^t

Just one of many threatening abusive call I receive , a sign that we are making a difference which is a good thing for these dogs.

The negatives,  the risks and the sacrifices – well that just becomes part of your life, something you just learn to accept and live with.

On 25 Sept 2010 my house was broken into and my computer was hacked and files copied. I disturbed the intruders and they made a hasty retreat out the back door leaving all the files they had opened on the computer screen, all of the information related to puppy factories.

It was a lesson learnt, a new computer and security system were installed, onwards and upwards.

A few years later I received a call to “get out of the house now and take your dogs they have found your address”, and so I did.

Shortly after I moved out of the house for good, then sold it, then moved 3 more times, I’ll probably move again in a few months.

But all of this is nothing compared to what they did to a member of the team, my friend, on the 20th March this year.

My beautiful friend, a gentle softly spoken woman, answered a knock at her door around lunchtime.

Two people stood at her front door, one person with their back to her facing the quiet street.

One person assaulted my friend, in fact they bashed the shit out of her, smashing her in the head, face and upper body whilst holding a blade that slashed through her clothing and cut into her chest.

My friend was knocked to the ground and the bashing continued… broad daylight

My friend was warned about her involvement in exposing puppy factories, warned to stay away, then they left her on the doorstep with blood everywhere………..and thats where her daughter found her.

In the following hours, police and ambulance attended, there was talk about the ‘crime scene’ and all the usual stuff took place to start an investigation.

And the police are investigating and we are too. My friend, with so much dignity remained calm whilst we that surrounded her struggled to see her battered bruised and swollen face, struggled to understand how this could happen, cursed and screamed and momentarily lost control, and then we grew stronger. My friend will not be beaten, deterred and has great courage.

When they threaten, intimidate, ridicule, lie and assault,  they think we will be scared enough to stop.

But thats why we keep going, because they don’t see the dogs like we see them, and that’s the problem.

So we just learn to work smarter, work different, leave traps, one person leading this team doesn’t know what the other team are doing, where they are, what they are doing until it becomes public. We learn to play the game, smarter, stronger, wiser, we look out for each other without asking questions, because we just know, we get it.

There are many who just don’t understand and cannot work out why we work the way we do or why we do what we do, perhaps they look at the dogs……….. but don’t see them ?

Battered faces, yes we are all equal in our ability to suffer, some of us choose to just never give up, no matter what.

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I want Oscar’s Law


19 Responses to “Fighting Dirty”

  1. 1 StaceG

    Tears rolling, just speechless and even more in awe than before…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR NEVER EVER GIVING UP <3

  2. 2 Chris Baldry

    The fight you and your team undertake comes at incredible personal cost. More than I could even imagine. Yet the videos and blogs you put up convey to the rest of us the atrocities occurring behind the scenes at puppy farms, help us relay the message onto others and creates so much public awareness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. One by one until there are none!

  3. 3 Tracie

    The wording of the threats is a very good indication of the type of person we are talking about. People who are not capable of expressing themselves without spelling and grammar errors, and not having the language skills to express themselves without the foul language. People who are quite obviously threatened by what you all do, and what we all think. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t resort to that type of what they see as ‘aggressive’ language. People who are very much aware that they are doing the wrong thing. People who have no respect for any of our laws. If we don’t concern ourselves with the issue of puppy farming, then we certainly should concern ourselves with the complete lack of respect for the laws that keep our country in order.

  4. 4 Jane Toscano

    I dont know how you do what you do, you are all incredible people who will have no trouble holding your heads high at judgement.. I thank you, on behalf of all the furries you save from these monsters, and the ones yet to be saved… From the bottom of my soul, I say thanks, and will pray for you and yours safety in the years to come. As I write this, I am crying at the thought of what you have to save these animals from. Keep up the good work. If I could help in any way, please let me know.

  5. 5 Deb Brown

    You and your fighting crew are some of the most courageous inspiring warriors on the planet. We love you and all you stand for Deb and OL supporters. Very proud of you an your work.

  6. 6 Jane

    Well, you and your Team are amazing – your post brought a tear to my eyes. Puppy Farming in Australia will end because of your work and also because the public is becoming informed. Bring on Oscar’s Law. It cannot come soon enough. To hell with these people that make threats. Best wishes to you.

  7. 7 Pammmy

    I too am appalled at the lengths these monsters will go to in order to continue their ‘business’. It just doesn’t seem enough to say thank you to you and your team for the ongoing sacrifice and danger you put yourselves in at the forefront of this massive movement for change. Your enormous strength to continue the battle under ever increasing threats is extraordinary to say the least. We know your belief will never waver until the job is complete and neither will our love and support for everything you do and everything you stand for. One by one until there are none!

  8. 8 Clippy

    Why do our Governments allow this to continue?

    A small change in legislation banning the sale of puppies from pet stores and the Internet will stop this industry in its tracks. An industry that is so unstable and unprofessional that it uses violence, intimidation and brutality to respond to its critics.

    Why are our Governments blindly supporting this cruel industry? If you thought Baillieu ignored our pleas and did nothing, Napthine is soooooooo much less likely to act for the health and welfare of our pets. And he calls himself a Vet!!

    Federal law changes are our only hope now. Keep writing your letters.

    Debra and your friends – I am so, so sorry that this violence and cowardice has invaded your homes and lives. We must prevail.

  9. 9 Leonie Johnston

    Thugs. Nothing but thugs. Dirty tactics employed to gain power in a battle they are loosing. Obviously, their cruelty does not stop with animals. No living creature is exempt.

    I want Oscar’s Law.

  10. 10 Julie

    With tears streaming down my face,I can only applaud the courage and dignity of this inspiring person.
    To me,this only confirms that voices are now being heard.People are both seeing,hearing and reading the truth.
    More and more,the public are having their eyes opened and agreeing that Oscar’s Law is both needed and wanted-both here in Australia and across the world.
    My only wish is that they never get the chance to silence ‘us’ and that one day,we WILL have OL and the voiceless WILL have a voice.

  11. 11 Leanne F

    What wonderful brave people you are & I commend you for the fantastic work you are doing to help end these atrocious puppy farms. I am so sorry for what has happened but know that you will not give up the fight & I as a member of the public will stand by you in this fight.

  12. 12 Ren

    You guys are amazing..we need more humans like

  13. 13 jacki jacka

    These thugs are desperate, cowards. Their greed for money and the abuse of defenseless voiceless animals is inhumane and sick. We will have Oscars Law.

  14. 14 Kaz

    This will not stop us. thankyou for enduring and inspiring. Our voices are as strong as ever and our resolve is unmoved.

  15. 15 Donna

    Oscars Law is Shining the light on puppy factories .Thankyou for exposing the truth behind the pet shop window. One By One

  16. 16 David barlow

    I have become a friend by way of email to one of your members and despite the distance we have become close and I have to tell you I had no idea what you people have been going through. I’m so very sorry that these people have to require violence, but that tell me that what they are doing as far as the puppies are concerned is worth a whole bunch of money to them and they don’t want any one messing up their “good thing”. It’s horrible what that member went through with the beating she took. Your government, as well as they government here in America, have to pass laws that protect against this sort of treatment against people who are trying to protect the animals and the animals themselves have to be protected by the whole arm of the law. Stay safe my new friends. I’ll be praying for you. AND, AS I TOLD MY FRIEND FROM AUSTRALIA “i SURELY DO WISH I LIVED THERE SO I COULD WALK ARM-IN-ARM WITH ALL OF YOU THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THIS MOST IMPORTANT YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE DOING. But you have my prayers and I will be making a small donation to help out. Will send what I can ASAP. Hope the people of Australia know the valuable work you are doing and help out with donations. Love you all for doing what you are doing. I know what some animals go through because I just adopted two Labs from my local pound and both were sick and in the 11/2 I’ve had them I’ve already spent over $2,000 on both of them before I finally got them back into pretty good health. Some people just don’t care and I’m convinced my two were “thrown away” by their last owner because of their being sick.

  17. 17 Puppy Love

    You are an inspiration, may the perpetrators of the beating meet Karma very soon.

    We love you all.

  18. 18 Kate

    I can’t put into words what I’m feeling right now, I can only say from the bottom of my heart: “Thank you”. <3

  19. 19 Ubique Larkhill

    Puppy Farms break the law every day they operate and they are run by people with borderline personalities with no moral compass. I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your friend, all these cowards need to be locked up for the safety of the public and to stop their continued torture of our companion animals.

    I know exactly how dangerous it can be working to fight these scum and I have chosen to do it anonymously, I don’t have you and your friends’ courage Debra.

    For heaven’s sake let the government listen to us and

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