“My dogs speak for themselves” ~ Kate Schoeffel

Kate Schoeffel, Vet, Puppy Farmer, Founder of AAPDB, an organisation run by puppy farmers for puppy farmers, Current ‘veterinary advisor’  at the AAPDB, states “My dogs speak for themselves and they are great”

We agree Kate, your dogs do speak for themselves ……………….















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  1. 1 Kate Schoeffel

    Instead read:





    NOT MY DOG SPEAKING BUT ME – I’ll never swear in writing again – you never know who’ll come along years later and twist a joking reference into something sinister. Ginny fortunately had puppies on her next heat we had been waiting for them anxiously because she was such a great dog that we wanted to breed replacement puppies from her.

  2. 2 Kate Schoeffel





    THAT’S ME SPEAKING NOT MY DOGS. Never again will I swear in writing – you never know when someone is going to take your poor private joke and turn it into something sinister years later. Ginny went on to breed in the following season – much to our relief as we were anxiously waiting for her puppies – two of which have now reached breeding age and will breed more wonderful dogs.

  3. 3 Anne

    YEs I head them speak when I looked at this, they were saying:
    I need a bath
    I need love
    I need socialisation
    I need companionship
    I need water
    I need food
    I need a clean place to live
    I need to stop being used as a breeding machine

  4. 4 Debra

    Kate, your comments are just deplorable. You only see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear and believe what suits your agenda. Going through life being so narrow minded must be very difficult for you, however there are many health experts available for humans. Our concern is for the dogs.

  5. 5 Mathew

    I listened to your dogs speaking Kate.

    They do not like you very much.

  6. 6 Sue T


    You agree that your facilities at Condobolin were not up to standard but your new facilities in are much better. Do you welcome visitors to your farm to view the dogs and where the puppies are born? Do you allow people to see your new breeding facilities?

  7. 7 Sue T

    Oh and Kate, those dogs are not covered in mud. The ground is dry dirt and the dogs are caked in dirt, there is not a wet foot print to be seen either on the ground or in the trough. From the state of the trough, it does appear to be a while since any water was held by it, the dirt in it could not be any drier.
    Why do you have to lie and make up stories to justify your poor conditions? Why can you not just take good care of these dogs that spend their lives pumping out $$$ for you?

  8. 8 Brittany

    “Ginny went on to breed the next season… And her puppies will continue to breed more beautiful dogs”.

    Which shelter dog would you like to kill first?
    There are enough dogs in this world without the unnecessary & overbreeding of dogs by you or all the other puppy farmers out their.
    You can call yourself a ‘breeder’ but Kate everyone sees you for who and what you are.

    I don’t know how you sleep at night.

  9. 9 Victoria

    Kate you’re beyond evil.

  10. 10 Kate Schoeffel

    Sorry for replying twice – I didn’t realise the first comment was going to be published
    Mathew :My dogs don’t know me because I have not been involved with them for the last 6 years. All the dogs over 6 years of age know me.

    Sue T: Yes of course – We never prevented people from visiting us in Condobolin and I will welcome visitors to my new kennel in Bathurst.

    Brittany: I don’t overbreed – I have hundreds of people waiting for my dogs because the puppies I breed are lovely – they make people happy. If I stopped breeding tomorrow it would not solve the problem of dogs in pounds. If you want to understand this problem please email me condovet2@bigpond.com and I will provide you with the research about this. I started breeding dogs because of my horror of the waste of life caused by random breeding of inappropriate dogs (and – if life gets too stressful – as I admit it has been in the last month – I recommend Stilnox!)

  11. 11 Donna

    Kate you lack any credibility or conscious .Your dogs speak volumes and the camera doesnt lie .

  12. 12 Kate Schoeffel

    Debra: The camera can lie when it is trying to make a point.

    Sue T: I missed your second post. Condobolin is arid – wet footprints would disappear in seconds. It is a very healthy environment for dogs because it doesn’t support parasites but I admit it looks ugly from a human perspective. Fortunately dogs have no sense of aesthetics so they don’t care if the ground is red and dusty – as long as they don’t have fleas, ticks or worms – and they don’t. They have company to interact with, a familiar environment, troughs to swim in, room to run about, things to look and bark at…. more than many suburban dogs have.

  13. 13 Kate Schoeffel

    Anne – sorry I missed your comments

    Dog’s don’t “need” baths. People bath dogs because they don’t like the smell of dogs.

    Dogs don’t need “love” – try “loving” the average working sheep dog or a free living dingo or village dog and see how they react.
    Dogs need company.
    Dogs need food and water, shade and shelter.
    Dogs are driven to breed – Breeding is what we all do – human or animal. It is the overwhelming drive which we are born with and the satisfaction of that drive is the most rewarding thing we can do – human or animal.

    Do you believe that my male dogs suffer because they get regular sex??

    Females dogs have the same hormones we do. When they are receptive they are incredibly determined in seeking a male to breed with.

    When they are feeding they are awash with oxyticin. Oxytocin fills us with an overwhelming sense of love and satisfaction when we breast feed our babies – do you really not believe that dogs, with the same hormones and the same behaviour don’t also find that having babies is the ultimate joy that they can experience?

    I advocate desexing of pets because most people can’t handle the sex drive or the consequences of owning an entire dog, and because I want to reduce the number of randomly bred dogs presenting in pounds. However I do think they are robbed of the ultimate joy in life and perhaps no amount of love and cuddles will ever compensate them for this.

  14. 14 Donna

    Kate one has to wonder your state of mind perhaps over medicating.

  15. 15 Mathew

    So Kate, you are now saying that you are not responsible for the behavioural problems of any dog under 6 years old. Who is responsible if not you?

    I saw no 1/4 acre paddocks. I saw electrified dirt pens with either no water or rancid green water.

    My camera isn’t lying Kate, nor am I. I am guessing all of the locals I spoke with were not lying either. They were all very talkative and extremely accommodating.

    I know what I saw on my visits to your property. You and your ilk are running out of places to hide and lies to tell.

    Where are the two Labradors Kate?

  16. 16 Debra

    Kate you use AI so most of your dogs don’t have sex anyway.

  17. 17 Sue Thomas

    Kate, I know the Condobolin area very well thank you and I also know that any responsible caring dog owner would not allow their dogs to be caked in that filth. That is not one day of dirt. You can try to justify your poor behaviour but not many dogs in the Condobolin area and surrounds look like your dogs. Just for once take responsibility for the poor treatment of your dogs. It makes it so much worse because you are a vet and should have more compassion for these animals.

  18. 18 Deb L

    Kate …. Has anyone told you that when you are in a hole stop digging. You continue to try and justify yourself and your kind, please realise that you are transparent for all to see. Your sarcasm and attitude towards the conditions your dogs are kept in shows how hardend and callous you are, do you really think those animals are happy? You are wicked, in a perfect world you and your kind would not be able to profit from misery.

  19. 19 Kate Schoeffel

    I note you haven’t posted the hate male I received.

    If you listened to everything people say in Condobolin you’d hear that I have had two affairs, cancer, altzheimers and left my husband twice, had to rush to the side of a pregnant daughter overseas, my husband has also had cancer which is why we left Condobolin and in the last month all my dogs have been confiscated by the RSPCA and I ran away to live in New Zealand.

    Don’t ever listen to small town gossip.

  20. 20 Debra

    Why would I publish your hate mail, I don’t even publish my hate mail. Its completely irrelevant and off topic.
    Please try and stick to the facts.

  21. 21 Mathew

    So you are saying that your trusted and faithful employee and the agent you engaged to sell your property are not to be believed Kate?

    I don’t need advice from you on who’s word to take at face value and whose to discount as BS.

    What I would like is for you to address the other matters I have raised here. Most of all the fate of the two agressive Labradors that I saw and filmed on your property.

    Where are those dogs Kate? Where can I go to see that they are safe and being cared for? If you have nothing to hide you should have no issue with me visiting your new breeding factory if these dogs ever made it that far.

    Are you avoiding the question because these dogs and others that I saw there ended up in those black plastic bags you that had a good supply of on the property?

  22. 22 Kate Schoeffel

    Matt: AGGRESSIVE? – you have got to be kidding?

    I’ve got 3 Labradors in my 28 dog “factory” – 2 gentle breeders – Cherry and Caramel and the retired dog Bobby. Bobby is the girl you photographed offering a treat to visitors and has never had a puppy. She has earned a place with us for life because she killed a snake which bit Joanne and was trying to strike again.

    I also have 2 Labrador X Golden retrievers- Binnie and Linnie – 2 year old dogs who have not yet bred. I presume it’s those two you are talking about – they bark loudly at strangers (particularly if you wear a hat) but if you had any understanding of dog behaviour you’d see that they are wagging their tails anxiously as they do. You totally (deliberately?) misunderstood Joannes comment.

    Both of those dogs have spent a month with me in my home in O’Connell so I could get to know them. They know me and will come to me or Joanne when called. They are the sweetest natured dogs you could possibly imagine – because they are Ginny’s pups (remember the NFP reference – these were the girls I was planning to breed and are going to make wonderful mothers). But they do bark at strangers – especially if you are wearing a hat.

    Good heavens – are those the behaviour problems you were concerned about??

    I AM concerned that some of my younger dogs haven’t been well socialised and I will work with them. In the new kennel the dogs will be kennelled indoors at night and then taken each day on leads to their runs. I can’t leave the dogs in their paddocks (with the electric wire on the top which is used only for training purposes – I am sure you are honest enough to admit that it was not live when you visited us) because we are more closely settled here. Moving them in and out daily ensures that they are handled twice a day and will overcome their shyness.

    If any of my dogs are not suitable for pet homes when they retire they will live with me – just as Bobby, Indy, Chantelle, Shelby and Dot do. The others will be desexed and rehomed at retirement as they always have been. They are perfectly happy in their familiar environment and hopefully will even have grass in O’Connell where the rain does fall.

    The black plastic bags are left over from my veterinary practice – I presume you saw them in our old house with the other vet gear.

    Blue Reardon knows nothing about my dog breeding enterprise and, to my knowledge, visited it for the first time on the day of your visit.

    I know that this is all pointless and you simply won’t believe me. I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to invite you to visit – but how about I send you photos once they are all settled in.

  23. 23 Mathew


    You are correct in at least one point. I don’t believe you.

    I have footage of the two Labradors in question. They are not crossbred mongrels and they are clearly showing aggressive behaviour.

    I can assure you that there were no hats in the vicinity.

    Yes, I saw your little ‘surgery’ set up. Obviously no expense was spared on that either. I particularly liked the use of towels to provide a seal for the anaesthetic ventilation pipe running out the window. There was no layer of dust on any of the equipment either which only leads to one conclusion. I wonder what the AVA would have to say about that Kate?

    I spoke with Joanne at length, there were no misunderstandings, especially as to her feelings towards yourself.

    Blue showed an amazing amount of knowledge about your property and guided me around the ENTIRE property and knew exactly where he was going and where everything was. Not bad for a bloke who had never been there before. He also spoke quite a lot about you and your family. Amazing telepathic abilities are the norm for Condobolin locals are they Kate? You state on your website that you spent 22 years living there and yet the locals will know nothing about you or your business. How is that possible?

    It is unfortunate that you aren’t willing to extend and invitation to me to visit your upgraded factory Kate. I really would have liked to have had you there to answer me directly as the questions arise. Don’t worry about sending me photos. How about I just come and take some of my own one day?

    Where are all the dogs Kate?

  24. 24 Kate Schoeffel


    You listen to second hand gossip and call me a liar when I explain the truth. You have lied to my friends and stolen from me.

    Ginny’s daughters Binny and Linny will be home soon. One final explanation – the CLHG – gene for long hair – is recessive which is why they look like Labradors.

    If you want to see photos sign up to my newsletter via my web site. I’ll be posting lots of photographs once the dogs arrive.

    By calling them crossbred mongrels you betray yourself as not only an animal rights activist but also a purebred dog fancier. There is no point in any further communication.

  25. 25 Tamara


    I don’t personally know you. But I’m finding it quite distressing to read your comments and your responses on here.
    I don’t know if you are in denial or if you deep down know that it isn’t okay and you feel ashamed of the way your dogs have been treated and are housed. If this is the case, their is no shame in putting your hand up and saying that you need help or the situation has gotten out of control.
    But please don’t keep justifying this. You can’t justify it. It makes things worse with you justifying it and it makes it seem that all of this is okay. But it is not okay.

    If you need help Kate or the problem is too overwhelming please I beg you contact Oscar’s Law, or any rescue group that works in your area. There are caring compassionate people out there that these dogs need.

  26. 26 Erme Saffery

    Kate Schoeffel, you are a disgrace, as a vet you should know & do better, not run a filthy puppy farm. Talk about conflict of interest – you help create the problems that then have to be fixed or attended to by you in your vet practice – Ka-ching! what a money-spinner this is for you. The sooner we rid ourselves of money-grubbing people like you, the better off humanity will be – I’m ashamed to belong to the same species as you!!!
    And, yes, I’ve heard your dogs speaking for themselves – screaming out to be saved from your despicable puppy farm & asking for our support to save them & all other puppy farm dogs!
    Go take a long hard look at yourself & your values – how do you live with what you do?

  27. 27 Kate Schoeffel

    Not prepared to post all my comments Debra? Why?

  28. 28 Debra

    Kate I have searched through the comments and all of yours have been published, the only one I did not allow was a copy of your hate email you received and I have already explained why this is not the appropriate forum.

  29. 29 Mathew

    I will decide when it is enough and that wont be until you and your kind are out of business for good.

    Yes, I call you a liar. That is because you are. I know the truth about what you do. I have seen the truth with my own eyes. I have seen the filth, the neglected dogs, the sub-standard facilities and the behavioural issues exhibited. None of these things can be denied yet you continually attempt to justify the way you treat these animals.

    At no time did I speak to anyone that lays claim to being a friend of yours. I spoke with a disgruntled employee who did not have anything nice to say about you at all and was not very happy about the way she had been treated by you. Jo gave a great tour of your kennels and was quite open about the fact that she did not attend to them on a daily basis. I found that out for myself just by watching anyway. How is the mother and pups that whelped on their own Kate? Who was there is something went wrong?

    I would very, very strongly suggest that you recant your accusation that I have stolen from you. I am not a thief and I removed nothing from that property. Your comment is defamatory at the very least and I would like to see you next comment on here reflect that it was an error of judgement on your part stating that I had stolen property from you. If you don’t there may be another problem landing in your lap courtesy of my legal advisors.

    I have no interest in a genetics lecture from you. It concerns me not one bit what recessive genes your dogs may or may not carry. It is the conditions in which these animals are kept and the behavioural problems they clearly exhibited which are my concerns.

    You state in an earlier post that you have 28 dogs in your factory. I saw easily more than that number when I visited your property and Jo was very clear that most of your dogs had already been relocated to O’Connell.

    Where are the rest of the dogs Kate?

    Thank you for the invitation to provide you with my details on your website Kate, but I will decline. I am happy to make arrangements to get my own pictures.

    By referring to your dogs as crossbred mongrels betrays nothing more than my grasp of the English language and my uncanny ability to apply the correct references to the dogs you produce in your puppy factory.

    From the Oxford Dictionary:

    Definition of cross-breed
    [with object]
    produce (an animal or plant) by mating or hybridizing two different species, breeds, or varieties:
    (as adjective cross-bred)
    a cross-bred puppy
    an animal or plant produced by cross-breeding:
    [as modifier]:
    a cross-breed Labrador

    Definition of mongrel
    a dog of no definable type or breed:
    [as modifier]:
    a mongrel bitch
    any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types.

    I am by no means a purebred fancier. I love all dogs and have had both purebred dogs and mongrels like you breed. My only objective is to ensure they are well cared for and have a good and comfortable life. Something that does not seem to be working out to well for your dogs.

    Please don’t stop talking to me Kate. I do so enjoy our little chats.

  30. 30 Kate Schoeffel

    You still haven’t published them all – perhaps because they don’t reflect on you and your supporters in quite the light you would like to present yourself?

  31. 31 Louisa


    Are we still on Lab watch?

    And any sightings of those disappearing dogs.

  32. 32 Debra

    Kate I will not publish a copy of any hate mail you receive. Please try and stick to the issue, which is the cruel way you exploit your ‘breeding stock’

  33. 33 Heather Jone

    I was in contact with a Condobolin resident and found that the former manager (Jo) regularly gave the vaccinations to the pups in Kate’s absence. Jo supplied vaccs to my contact for a litter of pups she(contact) bred and forged a signature on the vacc cards. I was told that she had around 100 dogs at one time and they did not know all their names! I find it interesting that the Master Pet Breeders or whatever has a $100 fee to join – send it to Kate!!!

  34. 34 Deb L


    Apart from the fact that your dogs and those of your fellow puppy farmers exist in such misery and neglect is the fact that puppies born to them are prone to a vast assortment of medical problems. To live in such misery and despair would hardly produce anything but more misery. As a human, capable of compassion you should know that this has to stop.

    Very briefly, I have a beautiful boy who as a result of ‘bad breeding’ will never recover from his medical problems, we won’t have him for long. Soon after he became part of our family it became evident that he was a very sick boy. To just ‘give him back’ was not ever considered. All we can do is love him and make every day a good day. He is in the care of professionals who are compassionate and very competent, they are in their profession for the right reasons and are a credit to it. Sadly they have seen this all before. Your peers take a very dim view of your kind, to put it mildly. Puppy farms produce misery all round and I despise you for your feeble and selfish attempts to justify this vile business, you cannot and never will.

    I love my boy Kate, and he ‘needs’ all the love he can get, although you state in all your wisdom that a dog does not ‘need’ love, convenient for you perhaps.

    What would you do in my situation? I think I know the answer, another abhorrent side to your industry, the true horror concealed behind delightful and inviting websites.

    Spend some time with your assets Kate, sit in a cage in the dirt with them, look into their eyes and tell me that these innocent creatures are happy. It seems that in your industry you have different levels of misery and all that goes with it, allowing those who think they are inflicting less misery to somehow feel superior to those who inflict more misery. Candy coat it however you like, you are all the same.

    You and your kind like to hold up your degrees like shields, I have met many an educated idiot.

    One last thing Kate – until you were recently exposed, you had positioned yourself as the mouthpiece for this miserable industry, do not continue to whine in self pity at the responses you get, you could hardly expect fan mail. I very much doubt that your ‘hate mail’ will affect people in the same way as the horrific images of puppy farms – its haunting stuff Kate.

  35. 35 Mathew


    Lab watch continues.

    I doubt that the dogs I saw made it any further than the body bags that were in Kate’s ‘surgery’ though.

    It will fall to further investigation to find out what happened to the rest of Kate’s dogs. We will never get an honest answer from her.

  36. 36 Debra

    Well said Deb L

  37. 37 alison

    i grew up watching/reading all creatures great and small, the stories of James Herriot… i grew up believing that vets wanted to look after animals, cared about animals, wanted to do the best by all animals…took responsibilty….

    i grew up watching my family and our animals… even the ones who were required to make money, the farms animals were treated with care and respect.
    We have been breeding animals for many years.. As a farmer, you should know the only reason any paddock gets to look like those dog yards is when they are over stocked and not spelled…. if you cannot keep grass/ ground cover then you get the “stock” off that area. Those yards should never have been allowed to get into that state, let alone still be used.
    Are those dogs that have remained there now you are not there; not important enough to be moved to your new property and its improved conditions?

    you say try loving the average farm dog…. are you joking?, is your connection with your own farm’s dogs so lacking that you dont actually understand what makes a good farm dog…? Farm dogs love their owners, i’m sad for you if you have never seen/felt that… i should introduce you to “sal” my neighbours heeler dog, and see just how much he loves and relies on that girl…, and how much she knows exactly where he is on the farm…the way she delights in being with him… she does not delight in me, she puts up with me, because i am not hers.
    Animals are what we make them… i have had beautiful relationships with cows, horses, goats, cats and dogs, but if you dont put the time in with them, then of course they wont care less about you!
    If you stopped breeding, then those hundreds of people on your waiting list, would be looking else where for their dog, and hopefully, possibly that would be in shelters where many beautiful pups and dogs are waiting…

    Kate you have a problem… and it will now be difficult for you to speak again with any dignity or authority, either as a vet, or as an animal breeder…

  38. 38 polly


    You are just as bad as those puppy farmers. Nasty egotistical woman.

  39. 39 polly

    And as for your “bodyguard” Matt, he is just as fucking stupid.

  40. 40 Debra

    Thanks Polly, so are you saying puppy farmers are ‘nasty and egotistical’ and that they are all ‘women’ ?
    I would say they are greedy and cruel no matter what gender.

  41. 41 polly

    Woman,check how it is spelt. You do realise all the dogs are still living in these conditions, even when you “expose” them, in the wrong way. Your facebook page does not warrant good exposure for an appropriate outcome. You do realise that you make it worse for those animals when your pages are being watched by these filthy farmers right?

  42. 42 Debra

    Polly, No, I meant women.
    Yes, I do realise the conditions the dogs are living in even after exposure. In your opinion what is the right way to ‘expose’ them ?
    How are we making it worse for the animals by taking photos and videos and showing the public whats really going on ?

  43. 43 shelby

    Hello Polly! Beside your comments being totally irrelevant to this thread you obviously are in need of an answer. If puppy farmers are, as you quote the following :- “You do realise that you make it worse for those animals when your pages are being watched by these filthy farmers right?” Must mean Deb has hit a nerve. Fancy puppy farmers caring about what Deb thinks when its all about the money?? Maybe OL is making a difference????? And as for Mat, well he can be my bodyguard any
    day because at least he has the conviction to stand up for what he believes in, instead of sniping and leaving messages that are of a personal nature rather than factual. Always believe that one needs to get personal they are clutching at straws.

  44. 44 Polly

    I meant “woman” and it was an implication to the ego that consumes those that removes the focus from the animals to the focus on oneself, a woman who tends to , in her head “raise awareness” except years later dogs are still in the same places, and your personal Facebook page, and pages that are open to be viewed by people who are farming these dogs, keep very close eyes on these pages, compromises the safety of these animals.

    I in no way agree that farming of any animal is good, I am saying that your Facebook page, and photos from years and years ago, do not warrant good exposure, tell me how the last time you exposed miraculously dogs went missing throughout other puppy farms, due to a leak, maybe the leak is the way you and your posse go about running stories, and opening your mouths, when you have not got any strategic plans to have accompanying outside organisations or government/ or media exposure/ help, so that the DOGS are not kept there for years and years later.
    May I ask also , what Law is Oscars Law, where is it in legislation? Give me more information on exactly what this law is, or is it the law of posting photos on Facebook, not accepting any real help to make a change, and getting more funds for something that doesn’t actually exist.

    Many are thinking it, some don’t want to say it, but you Debra, are a joke. Oscars Law as an awareness raiser did great things, in the past, now you scrape the barrel, take the focus of the animals, and these animals are no better off than the times you “exposed” them.

    What’s happening with Kate’s family pets now you have exposed them, of which not one person even knew it was on tv, i have some ideas on how you could have exposed it properly, had a bigger story, and helped these dogs, but I guess your barely updated blog, your Facebook page that is patrolled by puppy farmers, and asking for constant donations , is a good enough place for you… Unfortunately there have been no valid results.

  45. 45 Mathew

    Polly, not your real name I am sure.

    Your type usually don’t have the courage to post under your actual names. You should be more careful though as even using a fake name and email doesn’t mean you don’t leave clues as to your real identity.

    You have obviously spent a great deal of time with me to be able to form such an opinion of my intellect. Your literary talents are obviously wasted here if “fucking stupid” is the best insult you can come up with.

    Whatever you are you have obviously only come here to have a personal shot at both Debra and myself. I also see that you seem to be able to point out, as do all of your type, where OL is going wrong.

    I wonder when you and your ilk are going to either enlighten the rest of us as to the ‘right’ way to ‘expose’ these places or, god forbid, you actually step up and do something about it yourselves. If you are so convinced you have all of the answers get off you arse and get your hands dirty. Show the world how you would do this instead of just gobbing off with half arsed immature insults.

    I am sure your other little troll friends are very impressed and pat you on the back and you all tell each other how wonderful you all are because you hide behind your keyboard and insult those that are actually doing something. Are we making you look bad are we?

    If you don’t like what we do, that’s fine, you don’t have to. If you think we are doing things the ‘wrong’ way we don’t really care.

    If you think you can do it better, stop mouthing off and get out there and do it. If not, gather your little friends together and go back to pleasuring yourselves and telling each other how good you are.

    By the way if you ever have the intestinal fortitude to sit down and discuss this face to face I am happy to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat.

    How does somewhere around Wantirna sound?

  46. 46 Debra

    Polly, If you are so up to date with all the facts you should know that I don’t have a facebook page 🙂
    If you think raising awareness equals having an ego – big deal, so what, whats your point ??
    Anything that is published on the internet is open to the public, including puppy farmers, and yes I’m well aware that puppy farmers study this page and others, hence why most information is not published, something you wouldn’t understand.
    I disagree with you, so many more people are aware of puppy factories simply because of Oscar’s Law, probably even you.
    Provide a link as to the last time Oscar’s Law asked for donations please. Compared to many other animal welfare organisations Oscar’s Law rarely ask for donations, they are running brilliant awareness campaigns and will continue to do so as they are proving they can make a difference.
    I think you need to concentrate on your little group, don’t you 🙂

  47. 47 Melissa

    Polly are you for real ???
    Your comments are pathetic and reek of jealousy and ‘shit why didnt I think of that” !!
    If you really think Deb is going about things the wrong way , get of the computer AND DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!
    Personally I support Oscar’s Law and what Deb and her team do 100%, if it wasnt for Oscars Law I wouldnt have a clue that puppy farms exist in Australia

  48. 48 Doug

    There will always be trivial little people like Polly, I know you Deb and I know you will plough through trolls like Polly.
    Polly you seriously need to take a good hard look at yourself and ask the questions, ‘what have I done to help animals’ because if you think attacking those that do make a difference is actually helping animals, your on the side of the abusers, and that makes you a very weak person.

  49. 49 Deb L


    Since you are such an genius, could you further enlighten us with your achievements. What have you done for those who can’t speak for themselves? Or are you just the kind of person who enjoys denigrating people who DO make a difference? I can’t quite decipher your avalanche of garble. What is your agenda?

  50. 50 B.

    Polly you have no fricken clue. I was with Deb and her team a few weeks ago and I witnessed the way they work first hand. You and the rest of Australia will be seeing footage that Deb and her team took, although no one will ever know who took it, why? because I watched the team discuss what would be the best outcome for the animals, what is the best strategy for the animals, and then they passed that footage over to someone else and asked that it be used to help the animals featured. Also this isn’t the first time Debs work would be used by others to further the cause for animal welfare.
    I know for a fact that this tactic has been used many times, that isn’t the sign of someone with an ego, that to me says a lot about not only Debra but the team of people around her, they truly have the animals at the forefront. So take your utter crap elsewhere, you are nothing but a wannabe.

  51. 51 Debra

    B ! Sorry had to delete a paragraph from your comment for confidentiality reasons, much respect to you my friend

  52. 52 red

    Hey matt you douche bag I like the thinly veiled threat of violence you made to Polly. Maybe you will ask me out for coffee some day? I’m always happy to travel

  53. 53 shelby

    Gotta ask you Polly what are the answers?? Ready set go! Put them in point form: How do you shut down puppy factories, make it legislation and stop factory farming???? Waiting to hear an expert response! If you know better you should be able to list them here. I’d really like to know.

  54. 54 penny

    OMG at Polly- I read that and spat my coffee.. say what u like , think what you like.. but remember this… Debra has many people that support her 110% and oscars law is coming!

  55. 55 Debra

    Polly and Red,gosh I wonder who they could be ! 🙂
    Good to see you’ve learnt how to use a computer Red 😉

  56. 56 Deb L


    Happy to travel? What are you a clown? Why don’t you put your bravado to good use – help to stop the horrific puppy farm trade.

  57. 57 Matthew

    Red, whoever the hell you are.

    Another gutless little nobody would be my guess, when are you lot going to show some courage and post under your actual names?

    I have a read over what I wrote above and I cannot see anywhere that I have threatened violence against anyone. Can you point out where I did?

    All I did was offer your boyfriend the chance to catch up for a coffee to discuss how I can better do the job that you lot are too scared to do yourselves.

    If it would make you feel better you are welcome to join your life partner and I for coffee and a discussion about the difference between a hot beverage and violence. The offer is open ended so travel away if you so desire Red, you flogsock.

    While you ponder my invitation you may wish to have a think about whether you really want to be making threats against people yourself Red. That could land you in all sorts of quite serious trouble. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

  58. 58 Shelby

    Polly and Red,
    If you have a dislike for Debra – so be-it.

    If you have any POSITIVE suggestions on how to shut down puppy farms – SAY IT

    If you don’t think OL is achieving it’s goals – Make your own group of POSITIVE SUPPORTERS who can make a change to legislation.

    Honestly, while you are whinging on this thread puppies are living in squalor. Bitches are producing litter after litter etc etc. You must know the drill by now.

    Try being proactive instead of knit picking at a group that is trying to make a change.

    Still, you back stab and snipe. How is that productive?

    We all have one common goal. Get those dogs out of puppy factories!

  59. 59 Donna

    Polly,Red Your a pathetic pair and no one is interested in what garbage comes out of your mouths ,oh l mean behind your keyboard.

  60. 60 Donna

    Oh and another thing you two, Much to your dissapointment there is no wrong doing or asking of donations by Oscars Law . Debra and team will continue to do what they do best and thats the welfare of the dogs first and foremost . Maybe you two could go save a snail as thats about your calibre of braveness lm tipping the jokes on you about time you really left the building !

  61. 61 Maureen

    Polly, go put the kettle on and make yourself and Red a nice cup of tea. It might help you calm the F down!

    I agree with the sentiments above. If you feel you can do better in raising awareness and helping these poor animals, then get off your butt and be proactive. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!! Stop criticising the awesome work being done by Debra and her team.

    If it wasn’t for OL, I would still be walking past pet shops and stopping to admire all the cute little puppies and kittens. I know better now and I preach it to anyone who will listen!

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