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A FAMILY has been forced to put down their beloved 14-month-old puppy because he was a “genetic disaster”.

Max, a spoodle bought by the O’Reilly family last year, was euthanised in August after he developed serious problems with his limbs and hips.

His vet said he faced a lifetime of chronic pain because he had “a very serious genetic problem” and was an “orthopedic mess”.

Sarah O’Reilly, from Eltham, said Max’s problems were heartbreaking and showed “he should never have been bred”.

Max “wanted to run like a maniac”, Ms O’Reilly said, but was in significant pain and spent days without moving before he was put down.

Ms O’Reilly asked Max’s breeder, Banksia Park Puppies, to refund more than $5000 she spent on his medical care.

They agreed, but only if Ms O’Reilly signed a confidentiality clause, which she refused to do.

Banksia Park owner Matt Hams agreed that Max’s case was upsetting but said his breeding business took “all reasonable precautions”.

“The cold hard reality of breeding living things is that sometimes things go wrong,” Mr Hams said.

Ms O’Reilly said Banksia Park’s confidentiality clause was unfair and she could not bring herself to sign it.

But Mr Hams said the clause was “standard business practice when we hand over that kind of money”.

“We weren’t trying to put this to bed so no one knows about it,” Mr Hams said.

He said the agreement would not have been required if Ms O’Reilly had taken Max to Banksia Park’s preferred vet, which was specified in the terms of the dog’s purchase.

Mr Hams said Max’s mum had since been desexed and retired from breeding, after she turned 5, while Max’s dad was being assessed by a vet before a decision was made on his future.

He said his business had been an industry leader for more than 20 years.


Max at Pines Pets pet shop the day of purchase

Max at the vet for the last time, he was euthanised shortly after this photo

Max at the vet for the last time, he was euthanised shortly after this photo